Handling a law firm business sometimes can be a haphazard affair. From growing weary of working for a demanding boss to having a more flexible schedule there are many reasons a lawyer decides to open their firm. To start a thriving and profitable law firm business you need to attract more clients to cultivate your business. Having solid law firm marketing tactics for business building helps you grow your law firm by ensuring your efforts will be as effective as possible.

For newbies in the law firm business, the challenges that hinder growth – like the cost to invest in starting a law firm, the struggle to acquire new clients, competition with other firms, or having no time to focus on their personal life can become overwhelming. Whether you want to drive more revenue, meet growing demand, or hire a helping hand we’ll walk you through this guide about some law firm marketing tactics. 

Build a Brand Story

When you want to improve your marketing efforts the first place you should start is with your brand. Your brand name & story is how you want your law firm to be represented to the public. For instance, Caring and Compassionate – Family Lawyer or Aggressive Representation – Criminal Defense. Your law firm needs to stand out. Change the brand logo, establish a unique selling point, clarify your target audience, or promote your core messages to define how you are unique. In order to build a strong brand statement include the following in your law firm marketing tactics

  • Include your vision and mission statement
  • Focus on culture, professionalism, communication, and expertise
  • Always prioritize the needs of target audiences
  • Embrace diversity

Start Using Email Marketing 

Email marketing may not be the only outbound marketing you do but it has the most effective impact. Despite the evolution of social media marketing, email is still among the most effective ways to reach existing and potential customers. Instead of sending the same email content to potential customers, segment your email list into groups. This will allow you to directly share the content so you will have a better chance of getting it seen. With marketing platforms offering analytics like how many people have opened your mail, it’s easier to measure the success rate of your email marketing. 

Work on Online Presence

The legal profession is very demanding and requires lawyers to channel their best efforts into getting the job done. With more digital advancement the main aim of most law firms is to establish a strong online presence to help their business grow and build excellent relationships with their clients. Having an online presence enables lawyers to draw in new clients, establish their credibility, and expand their reach to a broader audience. There are various platforms to build your law firm’s online presence

  • User-friendly website
  • Content marketing
  • Local SEO
  • Email newsletters
  • Google ads
  • Social media platforms
  • Free guides and whitepapers
  • Traditional Marketing

Retargeting Campaigns

Have you ever shopped for something and seen an ad while scrolling Instagram for the same product? And you think Hey, my phone is listening to me! 

But in the marketing world, it’s called stalking, no wait, Retargeting! Retargeting is a specific type of remarketing the potential clients engaged. In the retargeting process, instead of showing the same ad, you can create a sequence of ads to engage users without boring them away. This is a valuable source for new leads.

Get Your Name in Legal Directories

Legal directories can work as a huge digital marketing asset for law firms. Using legal directories is one of the great law firm marketing tactics. Creating a profile in legal directories can help you improve your rankings. It can boost your traffic and provide a citation and hyperlink for your website. Be certain to maintain your profile according to the location this will make it easier for people to find you while improving your rankings.

Use Content Marketing

Strong content marketing is necessary for law firm marketing tactics and to let people know about your law business. Content marketing includes creating quality content related to your field and sharing it online via different platforms – blog posts, videos, infographics, or podcasts. It can help you establish your expertise, offer value to clients, and help drive more people to your business website. Content marketing can be referred to as a lead magnet because it has the power to attract a significant number of leads.

Share Educational Video Content

Video marketing is an important part of content marketing. Creating and sharing educational video content can help you establish yourself as an expert and go-to person for any law firm-related query. The purpose of sharing videos is to encourage people to contact your law firm in need of a lawyer. Videos are the best way to maintain engagement, your videos can be shared on social networks and embedded in articles. The benefits are unlimited.

Leverage Social Media

If done right, social media can be powerful marketing tactics for business building. The first thing you should do is decide on the right platform. There are multiple options to choose from but it’s suggested to never put all your eggs in one basket. You can initially start with Facebook and Linkedin. Create a professional profile and share all your achievements, contact information, area of expertise, website link, client reviews, and all the other required information.

Run Optimized Google Ads

Google ads can be helpful to get instant traction for your law firm business. Google ads are the fastest way to make your website seen on Google search results. Many law firms invest a significant amount of money in Google ads but never see a good return on that investment. To ace these marketing tactics for business building try to optimize for competitive and expensive keywords. Run an effective pay-per-click campaign to move clients from search pages to your landing pages.

Bonus Tip

Try diverse tools to help you achieve the best results and improve your overall performance for your law firm. We would like to introduce you to an extraordinary tool, Picktime. Picktime is a cloud-based attorney scheduling software. It’s a robust, secure and easily scalable platform. Picktime can be used to manage all your law firm’s requirements in one place. Using Picktime users will get a customizable page, a unique URL with a book now widget for their business website. It can be accessed at multiple locations with 24 Hrs email support. Picktime can help you manage appointments, handle teams, and maintain relationships with existing clients. A few other features of using Picktime

  • 24/7 Online Access
  • Email & SMS reminders
  • Calendar Sync (Apple/Google/Outlook)
  • Recurring Bookings
  • Waitlist & Attendance
  • Secure Database
  • Approve Bookings
  • Free Unlimited Records
  • Detailed Reports
  • Powerful Integrations

Picktime has an easy-to-use interface supported by multiple devices (Mobile, Laptop, Tablet, and Smart TV). It won’t just keep track of your leads, it will help you increase them. What are you still waiting for, sign up for free today!

Getting new clients every day is the key to a thriving law firm business. To get new clients you need to let people know that you’re present in the market for their help. Execute a structured plan and measure the results regularly to reach more potential clients and grow your law business.