Exploring the Versatile Range of 21 HP to 25 HP Tractors in India. The 21 HP to 25 HP tractor category, often referred to as “Mini Tractors,” offers a diverse and cost-effective solution for a variety of farming and land maintenance needs in India. These tractors come with price ranges starting from approximately Rs. 3.80-4.25 Lakh* and can extend up to Rs. 6.04-6.30 Lakh* for advanced models. 21 HP to 25 HP tractors are celebrated for their compact design and wide-ranging applications. They can be your ideal partner for plowing, tilling, mowing, hauling, and spraying. These tractors are designed to support various implements and attachments, offering versatility in farm and land maintenance tasks. Notable for their compact and fuel-efficient engines, these tractors are user-friendly and suitable for a variety of operators, including small-scale farmers, homeowners with larger properties, gardeners, horse farm owners, and municipal project managers. If you’re in the market for a 21 hp to 25 hp tractor, TractorGyan is your trusted source for accurate and detailed information. We provide verified specifications directly from the manufacturers, ensuring that farmers make informed and wise choices. Visit our platform to discover the right 21 HP to 25 HP tractor that meets your specific needs and budget.