With 2021 almost here and our new year’s resolutions written out, weight loss is at the top of the mind for many people. But figuring out how to lose weight and (keep it off) can be a challenging task. We’re here to guide you in accomplishing your weight loss goals with 5 healthy tips and tricks to help you lose weight fast and feel more confident in the new year.

Water: A Natural Appetite Suppressant

Let’s begin with one of the easiest and most accessible tools you can use to lose weight: water. Water is a natural appetite suppressant. When we drink water (especially before meals), we’re able to feel fuller faster, helping with portion control and reducing hunger.

And speaking of hunger, dehydration can sometimes trick our brains into thinking we’re hungry when we’re actually just thirsty. Drinking a glass of water before reaching for a snack can help you cut down on unnecessary calories.

Green Tea Can Boost Metabolism

Water isn’t the only drink that can help with weight loss. Green tea has long been regarded as an essential drink for those looking to lose shed a few pounds and boost their metabolism due to it containing caffeine. This fat burner is a great alternative to sugary drinks and can be had hot or cold. Studies show that green tea not only helps you burn more fat during workouts, but it also increases your body’s ability to burn fat while resting.

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