As you install solar panels to save energy, reduce your expenses, and help the environment thrive, there are a few creatures keeping an eye to turn your solar panels into their homes. Forget about the noisy neighbors, thieves or a bored prisoner, be careful of these beady little eyes wondering when they can settle in their new homes. The moment you leave the place, they will arrive near the solar panels and turn solar panels into something that you built for them.

Trust us, if you do not take note of solar panel bird proofing near me, these little winged creatures will be a mess to deal with. And not to mention, pigeon shit is dangerous and harmful.

Also, you cannot clean the pigeon shit by yourself. If you inhale the smell in large quantities, you might end up catching a severe lung infection, which will take months to cure. So, the idea we want to share is to pigeon-proof your solar panel. Before you install these solar panels on your roof, it is important that you bring along the technique of bird proofing as well.

A few ways that help prevent pigeons from entering your solar panels are:

  1. Installing noise-creating machines that shoo them away.
  2. Rotating mirrors
  3. Plastic owls
  4. Pretend hawks on the strings

This technique may or may not be effective in your case. For us, we try to physically exclude them from touching the panels with the help of mesh.

If you want your solar panels to remain uninfected from pigeon, you should ask your installer to pigeon proof it. The protection net is easier to add during the installation phase of your solar panels.

Advantages of bird proofing your solar panels

Besides protecting your solar panels from pigeon infestation, a well-fitted mesh can prevent tree debris and leaf litter from building up under your solar array, which can act as a major fire hazard, especially for low-pitched roofs. When your solar panels are wrapped with a mesh, birds cannot enter the panels to create water leaks. The mesh also discourages rats who love to chew wiring and possums, which can again be a pain in your neck all the time.

As you understand the importance of getting bird proofing solar panels near me, you should also know that not all the installers will help you with the protection. Before you finalize the deal to built a solar panel on your roof, inquire everything about the kind of other services it offers.

We would suggest you hire an agency, which can offer you solar panel installation along with bird proofing. For more information, reach out to us.