QuickBooks Error 6094 is a common issue users encounter while opening a company file hosted by another user in multi-user mode. This error typically arises due to inadequate permissions or conflicts with the QuickBooks Database Server Manager. It signifies that the database server is not running or the company file is not accessible, often due to a lack of sufficient user permissions, firewall settings, or issues with the Database Server Manager installation. To resolve Error 6094, one should ensure the QuickBooks Database Server Manager is correctly installed. 

Also, adjust firewall settings to permit QuickBooks connections and verify that proper user permissions are in place. If the problem persists, consulting our QuickBooks support or IT professional may be necessary. For that, you will have to call us at 855-738-0359.

What all things can cause the QuickBooks error 6094?

Addressing these factors is crucial to resolve QuickBooks Error 6094 and ensure successful multi-user access to your company files.

  • Inadequate user permissions for the QuickBooks Database Server Manager can result in this error.
  • Overly strict firewall or security software settings can block QuickBooks from accessing the company file.
  • Problems with the installation or functionality of the QuickBooks Database Server Manager may lead to Error 6094.
  • Incorrect or misconfigured network settings can hinder the connection between QuickBooks and the company file.
  • Issues with the server hosting the company file can trigger this error.
  • Conflicts may arise if both the server and a workstation are set to host multi-user mode.
  • Corruption within the company file can also contribute to this error.

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Solving the 6094 error on your desktop with this solution

You can simply try to clean-install the QB desktop application

A clean install resolves issues like QuickBooks Error 6094 by replacing corrupted or conflicting program files.

  • Before proceeding, ensure you have backup copies of all your QuickBooks company files.
  • First of all, you will have to close the QuickBooks application and all the related processes.
  • Then, you will have to go to the Control Panel, which will be on your settings on your computer.
  • Then click the “Programs” button or the “Programs and Features” tab in the options. 
  • Now, just locate the QuickBooks in the list of installed programs, after which you need to choose the “Uninstall” option, which will be followed by selecting the prompts to remove it.
  • After uninstalling, rename the QuickBooks installation folders to avoid potential conflicts with the new installation.
  • Make sure to update QuickBooks to the latest release to ensure you have the most recent features and bug fixes


QuickBooks Error 6094 can impede multi-user access to company files, primarily due to permissions and Database Server Manager issues. Ensuring the correct installation of the Database Server Manager, adjusting firewall settings, and addressing user permissions can resolve this error, enabling seamless multi-user functionality. Make sure that you speak with our team at 855-738-0359 so that they can give you some expert advice for fixing this problem for good.

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