Are you wondering about “can you connect apple watch to android” well, if yes then this blog might be helpful for you in figuring out if this is possible and if it is possible then how you could do it. 

So, without wasting much time we would like to get started to know about if an apple watch could be connected with an android device or not. 

Things you need to connecting an apple watch with an android device – 

Before we get ahead to the steps we would first like to tell you about the things which you would need. 

To connect your apple watch with your android device you are needed to have an unlocked apple watch with LTE, you must also have an unlocked android device, along with which you must also have an unlocked iphone 6 or later device, a SIM card removal tool and there should be a cellular network which supports your apple watch. 

If you are ready with all these things we would now get started with the steps for can apple watch connect to android provided below. 

Connecting your apple watch together with your android device – 

  • First of all you should get your apple watch ready and configure it with your iphone and when your apple watch is ready you should get to the following step. 
  • In this step you should turn off all devices, your iphone, android phone as well as your apple watch. 
  • Now use the SIM card removal till to take out the SIM from your iphone and then insert the SIM card in the android phone you have and then turn it on. 
  • When your android device is turned on you need to connect it to the network of the cell carrier and then turn on your Apple watch. 
  • When you do so you will be able to see your android device which is connected to your carrier as usual and also your Apple watch will also be connected to the network. 
  •  Now you can begin with receiving calls and can also do other activities on your Apple watch despite having an android device as your primary device.

We hope that if you follow these steps accurately then you would successfully be able to finish steps for can you pair an apple watch with an android and you can use it with your android phone. 

Unlocking an apple watch for your device – 

In case you are unable to unlock your Apple device you can do so with the help of the steps which are mentioned below. 

  • You need to select the Apple watch after you open your iphone watch application after which you are needed to click on the passcode option. 
  • After this you are supposed to turn on unlock with the iphone feature which will finish the process for you. 

We hope that the details mentioned in this blog has been of help for you and if you still require some additional details then you are needed to access website techzeel on your browser.