How to Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft

We’ll talk about how to create a water elevator in Minecraft in this tutorial. It might be difficult to traverse in Minecraft if you want to conserve time. Most players of Minecraft want more than just running, leaping, and sailing. Some even construct lengthy chains out of ice and glass to swiftly traverse the Nether. It is best to travel one direction both up and down.

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How to Create a Water Elevator

A water elevator calls for a few specific components. Depending on whether or if this elevator is below or above ground, you could require a lot of constructing bricks. In addition to it, you will need a Soul Sand, a Magma Block, and a great deal of water.

Kelp might be useful in the future. As soon as you have the necessary equipment, construct two 1×1 tunnels to the height you want the elevator to reach. You will need to break the bottom block of each of them, then fill one location with Soul Sand (the tunnel you wish to ascend), and the other spot with Magma. (the path that you should choose to go).

How to Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft.

After installing both, you will have two different options for setting up your water. Initially, you’ll need to flood the cave. Sadly, you cannot just pour water in from the top of the container.

All of these places are water sources. On the other hand, kelp makes the procedure easier. Proceed as described above, adding water just to the top layer. Place some kelp on the surface of the water. The source pieces may be created by breaking the kelp stem. That settles it! No matter which cave you enter with Soul Sand or Magma Block, you will either ascend or descend. It is quick, and there is no possibility of sinking.