All the users who want to migrate Exchange 2013 to Office 365 are looking for the best way to commence the task. Now, to proceed with this Exchange to Office 365 migration, one must rely on a trustworthy solution. Most of the users, especially business organisations, wish to move their data to Office 365. It is one of the trusted platforms to store the data.

Business organisations have many data to store, and for that, they search for a platform that can keep their data safe for future use. Microsoft is a huge platform, and it has launched various products as well, like Word, Sheet, Excel, etc. Similarly, Microsoft has also launched Office 365, which has impressed many users, and for that, they are willing to proceed with the Exchange migration task.


Reason Migrate Exchange 2013 to Microsoft 365

Many users want to proceed with this migration task, and there can be different reasons for the migration, but the procedure is the same. Most of the users regularly use this platform and are well aware of the purpose of beginning the Exchange to Office 365 migration process. Moreover, the new users of the platform want to know the reason behind this migration, so here we are sharing a few of them.

  • Office 365 is much cost saving as users are supposed to maintain the software and hardware, and that is very costly. Therefore, proceeding with the Exchange to Office 365 migration process will make it cost saving.
  • Microsoft 365 has numerous collaboration tools like OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams, and it makes the work very easy-going for the users. Users can easily work on any project or document, and it will improve the efficiency and productivity of the workspace.
  • Office 365 comes with advanced security features that have impressed many users. It provides a subscription plan so that users can buy the storage as per their requirements, and this is a boon for many organisations.
  • Office 365 is widely accessible to all users as it is a universal platform, so anyone can access their data or transfer and share their data anytime.


What are the ways for Exchange to Office 365 migration? 

Users who want to begin this exchange migration task will be able to proceed with the task in two ways. The manual method and the professional third-party tool both make the process easily accessible for the users. They should choose the method they are comfortable with and which they find easy to proceed. However, earlier, people used to opt for the manual method as it was the only way to commence the task. However, the procedure takes a lot of time manually, as it is very time-consuming, and users wait for very long to finish the task.

Moreover, only the person with technical knowledge or an IT expert will be able to begin the task. The manual method requires many technicalities that require vast knowledge. Hence, these days’ users want immediate results, and for that, they are looking for a picture-perfect professional third-party tool. A tool that can easily complete the whole task without taking much time. Thus, users have to select the tool for the process, as data is very crucial for any user. In the following paragraph, we will share the utility so that users can begin the task.


Which is the best tool for the process

There are many tools accessible to all the users that will easily commence the task without taking much time. However, this is to inform all the users that one should begin the Exchange to Office 365 migration task with a reliable tool. Business organisations save every single piece of information about their organisation in Exchange, so now, to migrate their data to Office 365, they require a trustworthy tool. 


Now, one can afford to lose such crucial information, and for that, we suggest users try the Shoviv Exchange to Office 365 migration tool for the process. It is one of the trustworthy utilities that will make the procedure very easy-going. Users might be eager to know the benefits of the tool and how it works, so here we are stating some features of the tool.


  • The software can easily recover public and private EDB files without consuming much time.
  • Users can migrate the source mailbox to the PST file format.
  • There is an automatic and manual mapping facility so that users can map source and target folders.
  • There is a filter option for users to filter the data as per their requirements.
  • Users can also search the source mailbox as per their preference with the help of the search option.
  • The utility synch with both the Windows operating system and Exchange server.
  • It has a very user-centric interface to make the process easy for the users.
  • At last, the tool creates a live report of the entire task so that users can go through every step.



The tool that we have shared is one of the finest tools that will make the process easy for the users. It is available 24/7 for the users so that one can access the tool from anywhere and anytime. It will successfully finish the Exchange to Office 365 migration task without any glitches.