Are QuickBooks payroll not taking out taxes? Some QuickBooks users recently reported this issue. This is not a common error and can occur for several reasons. Typically, QuickBooks Payroll calculates taxes automatically. If your employees don’t have to pay certain taxes, you can create a tax deduction for them. However, for a variety of reasons, taxes may not be deducted from your QuickBooks payroll. To help you in such scenarios, in this blog, we will share the complete information regarding the Tax not deducted issue in QuickBooks payroll. For technical assistance, please call +1-800-360-4183. Our certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors will answer all your questions.

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What causes QuickBooks payroll not taking out tax issues?

Several factors can lead to problems like this. These factors include:

• One of the main reasons may be that the employee’s total wage is too low according to the latest pay slip.

• Another common reason for this problem is outdated payroll tax tables.

• This issue can occur even if the employee’s total annual salary exceeds the salary limit.

• Old payroll tax tables can also cause this issue.

Solutions to Resolve QuickBooks payroll not taking out tax issue

Here we have provided you with the best solutions to deal with this problem.

Condition 1: Only if the employee’s salary or tax information for the current year and quarter is incorrect.

• This process includes the following steps: First, select Report.

• Go to Employees and Payroll.

• Click Employee Retention.

• Select columns according to your requirements.

• In the Display List section, click the items you want to display in the report.

• Select the OK tab to save your changes.

• Ensure employees are properly aware of state, local, and federal taxes.

• Always double-click the employee’s name to edit the employee information window.

• An employee information window is also displayed on the screen.

• Click Salary Information.

• Tap the Taxes tab.

• Click the Status, Status, or Other tab.

• Ensure that employees are correctly identified for tax purposes.

Condition 2: If you purchase a QuickBooks Payroll subscription.

• Change employee check details to ensure accurate calculations.

• Manually enter both tax withholding and employer matching into QuickBooks Payroll.

• If you have already subscribed to a supported version of Payroll, you may experience issues when payroll taxes are entered by Intuit.

• To fix the error, update your QuickBooks software to the latest version.

• This will sync the software with the latest payroll forms and tax tables.

• Before running payroll, please ensure that the employee and payroll fields are set up correctly.

Condition 3: Check if Annual Limits are Set or Reached

• You can check your item settings by calling.

• Select List and Payroll Item List from the top menu bar.

• Next, right-click the billing item you want to change and select Edit Billing Item.

• You must then scroll down to the Next screen until you see the Boundary Types screen.

• Next, check if the fields below are correct.

• If the limit is correct, the employee’s salary will no longer be calculated with this limit.

• If the limit is incorrect, please update the amount.

• Next, you need to check whether you have selected the correct option in ‘Boundary Type’.

• Annual – Restarts every year.

• Monthly – Restart every month.

• One-Time Limits You can change the default limit or limit type selection if required.

• Click Finish to complete the process.


In this blog, we will explain how to deal with the QuickBooks payroll not taking out taxes problem. By following the above steps, a user can successfully fix his QuickBooks error. However, if users are unable to resolve the issue for some reason or get stuck at some point, they can contact the QuickBooks support team. We are a team of tech-savvy QuickBooks experts and are working around the clock to provide the best possible support to all QuickBooks users 24/7. If you need technical support for QuickBooks Enterprise, please contact us at [email protected] or call our toll-free number +1-800-360-4183.


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