Train journeys can be long and tiring, but with the advent of online food delivery services, you can now enjoy delicious meals right from the comfort of your train seat. No more settling for bland train food or worrying about finding good restaurants during your layovers. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of using online food delivery services on trains, ensuring that your journey is not only convenient but also filled with mouthwatering delights.

Research and Choose Reliable Food Delivery Platforms

When it comes to online food delivery platforms that cater specifically to train passengers, there are a few popular options available. Platforms like Gofoodieonline, Travelkhana, and IRCTC E-catering are well-known for their wide selection of restaurants and efficient delivery services. Before making a decision, it’s always a good idea to read customer reviews and ratings for each platform. This will give you an idea of the quality of service and reliability of the platform, ensuring a smooth food delivery experience.

Check for Availability and Delivery Options

To get started, you’ll need to access the online platform or app of your chosen food delivery service. Once you’re on the platform, search for your train route or station to check the availability of restaurants along your journey. Some platforms even offer the option of onboard delivery, where the food will be brought directly to your seat, while others provide the option of picking up your order at a station along the route. Explore the delivery options provided by the platform and choose the one that suits your preferences and convenience.

Browse Menus and Place Orders

Now comes the fun part – browsing menus and placing your order. Most online food delivery platforms will have a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, food on train, offering cuisines ranging from local delicacies to international favorites. Take your time to explore the menus and find the perfect meal to satisfy your cravings. If you have any dietary restrictions or specific preferences, these platforms often allow you to customize your order accordingly.

Once you’ve decided on your meal, add the items to your cart and proceed to place your order. Some platforms may require you to create an account, while others allow you to proceed as a guest. Follow the prompts provided by the platform, ensuring that you enter all the necessary details accurately.

Provide Accurate Delivery Details

To ensure that your meal reaches you on time during your journey, it is crucial to provide accurate delivery details. This includes your train number, coach, and seat or berth number. Additionally, if you plan on picking up your order at a specific station, make sure to provide the station details as well. Double-check all the information before confirming your order to avoid any confusion or delays.


Track Orders and Payment Methods

One of the advantages of using online food delivery services on trains is the ability to track your order in real-time. After confirming your order, you will likely be provided with tracking features on the platform or app. This allows you to monitor the progress of your meal and estimate its arrival time.

When it comes to payment methods, different platforms accept various options, including cash-on-delivery, digital wallets, and online banking. If you prefer cash-on-delivery, it’s always a good idea to have some cash ready, as train journeys may not always have reliable digital payment options.

Enjoy Your Meal on the Train

Once your delicious meal arrives, it’s time to find a comfortable spot on the train to enjoy it. Depending on the train, you may have a designated dining car or the option to eat at your seat or berth. Make sure to follow any rules or regulations regarding eating on the train and be considerate of your fellow passengers.

Take your time to savor each bite and make the most of your train journey. Whether you’re traveling alone, with friends, or with family, a delightful meal can significantly enhance the overall experience. Remember to dispose of any waste responsibly, keeping the train clean for yourself and future passengers.


Using online food delivery services on trains has revolutionized the way we eat during our journeys. By following these simple steps, you can ensure a hassle-free experience, also check pnr status, enjoying delicious meals from a range of restaurants right from your train seat. The convenience and enjoyment it adds to train travel are unparalleled, making your journey not only comfortable but also delectable.