Canada attracts millions of visitors yearly as a land of mesmerizing natural sceneries, top-notch academic institutions, and welcoming work culture. With a promise to offer guided help to all these people, multiple immigration consultants in Canada have marked their existence. But time and again, questions are being raised on the authenticity levels of these consultants. Thus making it all the more important to verify the credentials and legitimacy of the service providers in disguise. Read on, and you will get to discover more.

Things To Consider When Planning To Verify The Legitimacy Of A Canadian Immigration Consultant

Below, you will find a detailed list of all the things necessary to verify the legitimacy of the immigration consultant in Canada.

ICCRC Registration

The ICCRC (Immigration Consultant of Canada Regulatory Council) safeguards immigrants to Canada from ghost consultants. An ICCRC-certified consultancy will have especially skilled professionals known as RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants) who will offer legal immigration advice in exchange for a fee. An RCIC is better than a regular layman posing to be a professional. With them, the process is simple, all information stays confidential, and there are higher chances of your application getting accepted.

So before making any plans check for the ICCRC registration status of the consultant. Here is how you can do the needful:

  • Click on the “Find a professional’ option on the ICCRC website.
  • Move down to the “public register’ option. You can either select an alphabet to find out about an RCIC by the last name or perform an advanced search. Enter the essential details.
  • Click on the ‘search’ option to view results. You can see the name, contact details, status and other relevant details on the screen.  

The entire process will hardly take 10 minutes but will assure safety against fraud.    

Presence Of A Physical Office

It is easy to look for and coordinate with Canadian immigration consultants online. But performing a background check on their physical presence will offer extra assurance. Even if you can’t travel to another city and visit the branch physically, you can look for images online. Search for the address of their physical office on the website. Put it up on a map online and do your research.   

Years Of Experience And Number Of Cases Taken Care Of Till Date

Enquire about the number of years the professional has been serving. Also, you can drop by their website to look for the total number of cases solved to date. It will help you get an idea of the accountability of these professional service providers. There are various Canadian immigration programs for you to choose from. 

Online Reviews 

Most Canada visa consultants have a dedicated review section on their official website. Here you can come across testimonials from people who have moved to Canada or visited the place with the help of the consultant. Further, communities are available online where you can ask for queries and get answers from verified profiles.  

Look for USPs

Each Canada visa consultant works on their terms, and there are various features that they have unique in them. Always compare the consultants on the basis of their legitimacy before picking one. Once you have an entire list ready with all their service mandates, look for the things that serve your purpose. Consider prioritizing consultants that offer free IELTS assistance to students moving abroad. Also, if you plan to immigrate for better work opportunities, go for the one that best suits your needs.  

Dedicated Immigration Experts 

It is important to have a dedicated professional looking after your needs. If your Canada immigration consultancy has a large team, then enquire about the qualification of the expert assigned to you. Also, make it a point to understand the type of pre-booking and post-booking service they provide. 

Post Landing Services

Post-landing services like getting a cab from the airport, booking a hotel, and getting a work permit in less time are essential things to consider. You cannot just seek services from a professional to help you with the plane and tickets. The goal shall be to provide thorough assistance until you reach Canada safely and start living a normal life like a regular citizen.  


It is not so challenging to find top-notch Canada visa consultants. All you have to do is prioritize your needs and sign up for what matters. Keep your eyes open against the wrongdoers and connect with the authorities in Canada or your own country for quick retrieval.