The Mahindra 575 DI is a popular tractor model in India, valued for its affordability, reliability, and versatility. With 45 horsepower, it is suitable for a wide range of agricultural and commercial applications. Driven at 1900 revolutions per minute, the engine has a capacity of 2730 cubic centimeters, with 8 forward + 2 reverse gearboxes, making it popular with farmers. A notable feature is its large fuel tank with a capacity of 47.5 liters which reduces conventional fuel demand during field work. Its fair value is Rs. 6.65 – 6.95 lakh* In India, this caters to different budgets of farmers. Mahindra 575 DI stands as a reliable and versatile tractor suitable for a wide range of agricultural needs. Its affordability adds to its popularity, attracting farmers and large businesses alike.