How would one define self-care? It means taking time to do the things that one person would love to do as a hobby that heals their inner child and keeps their physical health and mental health at a better place. 

Just like visiting escape rooms, these things can keep a person away from stress and decrease one’s risk of illness and energy. 


Coming to mindfulness, you can say it is a motive to bring or to live in present situations without out having to evaluation and having a calmer and more peaceful life. 

So, mindfulness is important in everyone’s life ad there are simple steps of how it can be attained. 


This is the first and the most important step because it basically makes the other steps easier when you get it done. Acceptance of anything is tough, it doesn’t necessarily be a death of a loved one, a heartbreak, betrayal of friends and so on. Small things like accepting you did not reach early to the grocery store to before the milk ran out is also important as it prevents you from thinking that your day throughout is going to be bad because it didn’t start well. 


I would like to take the same example and say that we simply need to let it go and accept the fact that we were late and promise ourselves to get up early the next day. 

Another possibility could simply be going to another store and getting it rather than being upset over what has already happened. 

  • TRUST 

Trust is indeed a powerful word in everyone’s life. Most of the relationships around us are based on trust. We tend to tell ourselves that a person cannot break our trust and if they do, they don’t care us. Yet we still find ourselves giving them plenty chances or sometimes none. 

We need to learn who to give a chance for the betterment of our mindfulness. 

These are some ways like escape room games  in which you can Master the Art of Mindfulness. 


A process of understanding your thoughts while connecting with it by siting silently and working your way to untangle them. 

Why is meditation so important and stressed? Is the questioned aske by many people. But very few of them understand that those 15-20 minutes you spend with yourself meditating takes you to another world and helps you understanding your emotions, 

In the book, Power of Subconscious Mind, the author says that when you start giving yourself and your thoughts some time every day it can make a big change in your life. You can start saying positive affirmative sayings and the this you want in your future. 

Visualising them while meditating will give your dreams much power and you will also be able to manifest it.  

This is why meditation also plays an important role in self-care. 


On the other hand, means doing things you love or simply taking a break from your hectic schedule. 

This is important since doing the same thing everyday convinces your brain that you are in loop, and it will stop producing extra information as it is not needed. 

It also matters at the fact that a person should be able to do things differently every day to learn new things. 

For example, simply taking a few minutes away from something stressful or getting away from routine and thinking can give you enough space and distance to feel more at peace just like in escape rooms. Read a book or magazine, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Take a bath, watch a movie, play with your pets or try a new recipe. 

  1. Beach: One can simply take a break and go to the beach and relax and interact with people. This will create your social impression and teach you how to interact with all kinds of people that you don’t do on a daily basis. 
  2. A Walk: Going on a walk refreshes your mind and gives it you a restart to think about all the things happening around.
  3. Long Drive: If you love driving this is the best solution for you to relax. Driving away from the city for a while keeps your mind out of the chaos going around you. It helps you ease up your mind. 

These are some of the methods in each of the categories on how to master the act self-care.