Since I had my first contact with online dating ten years ago, there has been a wide variety of opinions and prejudices about the platforms and their users. This is largely because users themselves have different motivations for registering on online dating platforms, and accordingly their expectations are very different, sometimes even contradictory.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether you use online dating apps or platforms to meet new people or to find a new relationship. What is much more important is your inner attitude towards online dating or dating in general.

The online dating tips you see on social media sites or hear on podcasts often focus on profile setup or photos – which is very important to me as an online dating photographer – but I believe that your attitude towards online dating is just as important.

Have you ever caught yourself having the following thoughts while swiping?

“There are no good matches here”

“Dating apps suck”      

“All decent people are already taken”

“It takes so much energy and strength to find someone sensible”

As with all the important things we want to improve in life, it is important to rethink our approach to online dating. Online dating can be a lot of fun and a positive attitude will only help you. Before you swipe next time, take a look at the following tips to develop a positive attitude toward online dating apps.



If you’re dating because you want to meet a long-term partner, it’s only logical that you believe there’s someone out there who’s right for you. When we start dating again after a breakup, it’s natural to worry that there’s no one out there who understands us or that the search for a partner is unsuccessful. The disappointment that a relationship didn’t work out can impact our ideas about love and romance… and that’s a natural thing.

But if these thoughts replace the belief that you can find a compatible partner through online dating apps, it will negatively impact your experience and chances of success when you use online dating apps. If you are looking for your date or a real-life partner then visit because is rated as the greatest dating site by Savingarena, and you can save 65% on your membership by using today’s top seeking promo coupon.

Take the time you need to develop a positive attitude towards online dating apps and your opportunities. If you develop a positive attitude towards online dating, you will be better able to approach the inevitable first date. If you are confident that you will find the right person for your future, the occasional obstacle won’t send you into a tailspin.

If it’s not the breakup that’s making you grumpy or making you doubt your relationship, it might still be a good idea to reevaluate your thoughts. Remember: Positive attracts positive!

Professional online dating photos

Many dating platforms and single exchanges focus on dating photos, which is why the first impression that interested parties and potential matches get off your profile picture and therefore of you must be as good as possible.

You have about three seconds to make a good first impression. These first three seconds can determine the success or failure of your profile.

As an online dating photographer, I will help you send the right signals in your online dating profile pictures and gain extra seconds so that your potential matches also look at the other pictures and even take a look at your bio text.


The great thing about online dating apps is that you have the opportunity to meet multiple people and gradually improve your approach. The goal is for it to click with someone in the end, but that rarely happens on the first try. For some people, it may happen quickly, but for example, in my case, I have to meet a lot of people before I find a good connection with the potential for a long-term relationship.

But when it doesn’t work right away, we often think: “Online dating sucks” rather than “Online dating is a journey that will get me further.”

There will be obstacles and dead ends on the way to the goal. If you’re feeling discouraged because a date you enjoyed didn’t lead to a second date or you didn’t feel comfortable on a date, pay attention to your perspective and attitude. And of course, the aspects that you didn’t like so that you can pay more attention to them next time.

The frustration that it doesn’t happen quickly enough will stop you from finding a suitable partner because that usually takes time!

When it comes to apps, you have a huge pool of people who can be very different. The sheer number of people on online dating apps is both a gift and a curse. If you assume that it will take a while to find a potential partner because not every person is right for you – and vice versa – you will not be discouraged.

A good way to look at it is to try not to obsessively try it with everyone so that you only get close to the people you feel comfortable with. Be prepared to search until you find someone as special as you!


Using an online dating app is all about trying a lot of things and seeing what works. Sometimes there are filters you can adjust, photos you can change the order of deer, communication skills you need to use while chatting, a compelling bio, questions you need to answer, and more.

It’s important to remember that, like many other things in life and love, you need to adapt and optimize your approach to get the best results.

And this is where I come into play as an online dating photographer: Because your pixelated selfies didn’t work, you’re now consciously trying something new that has a success story and a strategy behind it. Your photos on the online dating app aren’t the only area you need to experiment with, but they are the first step that will lead to more matches.

You can find out why online dating photos are so important and how you can use them to maximize your chances of finding matches here:


When you start going on a lot of dates and constantly meeting new people, it’s even more important than usual to set boundaries!

To get closer to someone you might be in a relationship with, you need to set boundaries. It means knowing what you want and then being able to go for it. And yes, it also means saying “no” and not pursuing things that you feel don’t bring you the joy and fun you want and deserve.

Online Dating Tip: Every “no” you use when online dating is just as important as every “yes.”

Not only do you need to know what your boundaries are and communicate them, but it’s also important that you can enforce them. You will experience an emotional rollercoaster if you find online dating apps and the dating process a burden and a violation of your boundaries.

Remember that what is wrong for you can never be right for someone else. Know that the disappointment others feel at your lack of interest is temporary and for the best.

Professional online dating photos

On the one hand, your dating profile photos should encourage potential matches to get in touch with you by building a certain tension and attractiveness among the viewers. The dating pictures ensure that others become curious about you and want to find out more about you.

My requirement for online dating photos is not only that you and I should like these pictures, but in addition, they should also achieve measurable success and ensure many matches so that you too can soon find exciting dates and, in the best case scenario, find the right partner!


How much do you put yourself first? Are you a social person? Are you in touch with your feelings and desires?

There’s little point in using an online dating app to find a partner if you say yes to every request, swipe right on every photo, text back to everyone who messages you, and say yes to every date. especially if you say yes to dates you don’t want to go on.