Games where players compete against one another in a deadly obstacle course setting are now trending. Thanks to games like Fall Guys, many people have fun with this genre. To capitalize on the demand for games like these, several studios have developed their own versions. But, there is one that makes an effort to stand apart from the crowd by basing its battle royale on a series of obstacles. Namely, Knockout Royale: Run Guys.

GreenPixel Ltd. released the arcade action multiplayer game Run Guys. It’s a take on the popular “battle royale” genre of online games, including an obstacle course, much like Fall Guys. The unique selling point of Run Guys, however, is the presence of other fun game types. In addition, the gameplay is a little bit unique compared to the norm.

Keep reading as we go further into the unique features that set Run Guys: Knockout Royale apart from the competition.

Single-Player Campaign Mode

The single-player campaign mode in Run Guys: Knockout Royale is its most distinctive feature. Here, you and your rivals take part in a death-defying obstacle course race. The multiplayer option is enjoyable, but it might get tedious if that’s all you do. Nonetheless, this campaign mode expands your playable content selection.

Run Guys Knockout Royale Single Player Mode


As you won’t be able to speed over any obstacles in the story mode, the gameplay is different. Arcade-style gameplay pits you against a wide variety of foes. Your objective on each level is to eliminate all adversaries so that you may proceed. In this game mode, you’ll only be able to direct your character’s movement; he or she will shoot adversaries on its own. But, you must be still in order to fire. As a result, it boils down to a game of strategy and placement to avoid harm.

After gaining a certain number of levels, you will be able to upgrade one of your three skills. It might be to get a shield, enhance your assault, or something else else. The objective is to go through as many levels as possible, with a boss battle occurring every 10th level.

The campaign mode is now required gameplay rather than an extra. You may also get in-game currency here, including coins and crystals. The higher your rank, the greater your rewards. Crystals may be spent on chests, which contain gear for your character, in exchange for more crystals. It may also be used to get access to bonus characters. Meanwhile, you’ll need cash to participate in the battle royale mode, level up your equipment, and get access to new skills. The obstacle course battle royale costs 20 coins to enter.

The Battle Royale Game is Tougher

The battle royale mode is also more difficult in this game. This is due to the fact that it is not enough to depend just on your abilities; you must also acquire new talents and improve your equipment. Both may boost your player’s skills and performance in battle. The Runner skill allows you to increase your top speed to a greater extent than normal. Gears may be used to improve your performance in a variety of ways.

Run Guys Knockout Royale Gears


It is possible to increase a gear’s performance via upgrades. Yet, there are other ways to improve scrolls outside investing money. Chests, obtainable both in the Campaign and the Geometry Dash Subzero modes, contain gear and scrolls. That’s why it’s so much harder to succeed at its game. You will always lag behind the pack even if you are very adept at solving difficulties. In order to win against other players, you’ll need to level up your equipment and acquire new skills.

However, the game is similar to other obstacle course games in that players must compete in timed races in order to advance. There will be a total of five rounds, and the winner will be determined by who crosses the finish line first in the final round. Yet, until you upgrade your equipment or acquire new skills, success in this arena won’t come easily.