NetCraftsmen has recently had an upsurge of SD-Obtain layout and deployment function. I’ve discovered myself spelunking through my old weblogs (and inner/client-facing documents) in assistance of that. To my reduction, my prior weblogs and content seem to be to be keeping up fairly nicely as points have progressed.

TLDR: This blog site offers inbound links to either prior written content, or to blogs that have one-way links to a related sequence of weblogs.

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In this article are my LinkedIn weblogs that are pertinent to SD-Access/DNA Centre.

Observe: I have been periodically on the lookout, and right here in early 2023 I *nevertheless* simply cannot discover methods on this subject matter on line. That consists of how to configure to bias LISP Pub/Sub to prefer 1 exit spot about a different.

I intend to website about some current imagining I’ve done on the subject matter.

The quick variation is that if you have website interconnects on the inside and outside of the fusion firewalls, then the dilemma is actually far more about firewall (cluster) cross-site failover structure. The secret is to take that LISP may provide website traffic to the “wrong” web-site and shunt it if required, preserving symmetric flows by way of your firewall clusters at each internet site. Hoping to “swing” LISP to want the secondary World-wide-web/firewall site, very well, I need to have configuration aspects and a lab to check it out …

(And of course, I’m not brave or foolhardy more than enough to want to cluster firewalls across sites, even if my seller supports it.)

Take note: This is far more a substantial-amount overview of Cisco IOT. See the over for some of what Cisco does to integrate industrial and IOT networks into SD-Obtain types.

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