QuickBooks Update error 12031 is a payroll update error that could be experienced due to multiple causes. This issue would prevent you from using QuickBooks, and  Payroll services won’t work properly. You would be looking to find the solution for it and also would be wondering what is the reason for the error. 

In the blog here, we are providing you with the causes along with their solutions. The causes will help you understand the reason, and the solution will get rid of the error. Make sure that you give this informational blog a complete read to equip yourself with all the details to evade error and get ahead of it.

But if you are not that tech-savvy or unsure to execute the solutions on your own, then get in contact with our experts. Dial +(855)-955-1942 to connect with a certified advisor to resolve the error in time.

Why are you getting QuickBooks Error code 12031

QuickBooks Error 12031 is an error that could happen due to various issues in QuickBooks or your device. Below, we are listing a few common ones that give you the error message:

  1. Using outdated QuickBooks software is reported to be the most common cause of QuickBooks throwing QuickBooks Error Code 12031. 
  2. Internet Explorer settings and the Windows firewall settings are not proper, and hence, you are having problems with QuickBooks.

Other than the above-mentioned issue, you can also refer to the third-party application blocking QuickBooks files.

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Troubleshoot Methods To Help You Rid Of QuickBooks Error 12031

Ensure that you have checked minor issues like internet connectivity. Internet speed matters when the download is in the process; it could lead to an incomplete download.  Follow the steps below that we are giving you to solve QuickBooks Error 12031:

Solution 1: Manually Update for QuickBooks Software 

If downloads are not done in an automatic manner, then you can always do the same manually.

  • Go to the help tab in the QuickBooks software and then click on it.
  • Next, you are going to click on the Update QuickBooks desktop option from the dropdown option.
  • Later, when the QuickBooks update window opens, click on the Update Now tab. This will be followed by the next instruction.
  • Locate and click on the Get Update option, and this will initiate the downloading procedure.
  • Allow the download process to finish, and once this is done, restart the PC and reopen QuickBooks.

If this method has resolved the error for you, we are more than happy that we were helpful to you. In case you still see the error, conduct the next fix.

Solution 2: Check the Issue Regarding Security through Third-Party Applications

Third-party applications on the PC can also make the QuickBooks function suffer. 

  • These applications are installed for the proper security of the device and detect QuickBooks crucial files as threats. 
  • Once the files are detected as a threat, these will be blocked by the system, and eventually, QuickBooks will throw you this error.
  • Go to the settings of this software, remove QuickBooks, and exempt it from the threat scan process. 

Solution 3: Start the QuickBooks in Selective Startup/Safe Mode 

You have to do this to ensure no other program is causing the trouble with the QuickBooks function. 

  • Go to the system configuration and Choose the start-up tab.
  • Later, you have to choose the selective start-up and open the QuickBooks in Selective startup mod

Hope the methods above will resolve your issue fixing the error code 12031 in QB. In case you are not sure which one to try, then try all till the issue is resolved.


In case you have followed the instructions given in the blog but still the QuickBooks Update error 12031 lurks, then you get advanced-level help. Reach out to our support team at +(855)-955-1942 for Quick and through methods to fix the said error in QuickBooks. The team can also resolve any of your queries regarding the method mentioned in the blog.

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