If your name has been misspelled or has legally changed since you booked your ticket, you may amend it on the aircraft. You can amend or change any name on your itinerary, including spelling mistakes and legal name changes, according to Delta Airlines name change policy. Any passenger traveling with the airline is required to follow a set of rules, which includes following the airline’s name changes policy. Recall that you can only make legally permissible corrections to the name—you cannot alter it to belong to someone else. Read the Delta name-changing policy in advance to fully comprehend the procedure and make the necessary adjustments with ease!


On a Delta flight, is it possible to alter the name?

You certainly can. For a nominal cost, you have the option to request a name change with Delta Airlines. By completing Delta Airlines’ name change request form, you may also modify the name on the reservation.

For passengers who want to make such modifications, the airline has certain policies and procedures. For more information and to easily correct names, refer to the subsections that come before you. Never forget that you can only correct misspelled names or legal changes, never change a name to belong to someone else.


How Can I Find Out Delta Airlines’ Policy Regarding Name Corrections?

Before you board your Delta flight, the responsible and informed Delta officials will inform you of the policies. In a similar vein, they also assist you with name correction and change. However, in order to do that, you must adhere to certain policies, which are listed below for your reference:


  • Customers of Delta Airlines may alter their name on the document for free, but they must do so within 24 hours.
  • Some fees might still be incurred after a 24-hour period. You must make the necessary payments for those fees.
  • The delta name change and correction fees are $75 to $500 after the first 24 hours.
  • The passenger and the amount of time left on the flight determine the policy for changes or corrections.


Does the name change of Delta Airlines have any exceptions?

There might be some exclusions when it comes to name changes or requests for name changes on Delta Airlines tickets. In that case, you can ask for assistance from the Global Sales Support team to make changes.


  • You must give any carrier other than Delta a call if they are running your flight.
  • It is not possible to directly change your name when traveling to or from China.
  • for any itinerary that involves visiting or departing from India.
  • if you wish to alter your name by more than three characters.

If you’ve previously requested a name change and are doing so again,


Can I Modify My Last Name After Making a Reservation for a Delta Flight?

At the same time, a lot of hurried passengers enter their last names or surnames incorrectly. Due to problems with the boarding or verification process, Delta offers its last name change policy, which makes it easy for lost customers to get a name change. Change your name by adhering to the guidelines listed below.


  • Within 24 hours of the flight, you may change your name, but you can only add three characters.


  • You can call the Delta Airlines customer service number if changing the name from more than three characters is necessary due to an unforeseen circumstance. Alternatively, you may go to the official website.


  • You can use the chat feature to communicate with a Delta representative if you would like to ask that the last name on your ticket be changed.


  • Additionally, you must update your last name in the PNR status because it is necessary for the check-in and verification procedures.


  • There is no waiver code needed in order to modify your last name on Delta.

Both traveling and the identity you carry with you are significant. Thus, exercise caution when following the Delta Airlines booking procedure. Delta is concerned about you and will never allow this to happen, as you cannot compromise with the incorrect name on your ticket. 


What is the Delta Name Correction Policy for International and Domestic Travel?

Before requesting a name correction or small name changes, please review the following guidelines if you have already booked a ticket or if the PNR ticketing is pending. The travel agents’ policy regarding Delta Airlines name change correction is applicable to these points.


  • The worldwide Delta 006 ticket stock is covered by the policy.


  • Name changes for all flights must be done through Delta or one of their connecting carriers.


  • A ticket holder for Delta Airlines is only eligible for one name correction reissue per passenger.


  • The passenger cannot designate a different person as the flight’s name.


  • The ticket’s SFPD, or secure flight passenger data, will not change from the original reservation.

These are the fundamental guidelines. What you want to change on a Delta flight will determine how much. For assistance with the same, you can call the phone number of Delta Airlines to speak with a knowledgeable agent.


Changing Your Middle or First Name on Delta Airlines

Travel agency representatives have the option to change a passenger’s name to their middle or first name and then reissue the ticket without a waiver code. These are the specifics:


  • A name correction on PNR
  • No changes to the date or flight will be made when the new ticket is issued.
  • No waiver code is required.

Updating Last Name on Aircraft

If you would like to change more than three characters, please contact Delta customer service. These changes are restricted to a maximum of three characters. The PNR Name can be changed, and a waiver code is not required.


Adding the Last Name to a New Name Without Making any Changes

You have the option to become Pamela Anderson instead of Pamela.


In the PNR, update the names that don’t have a waiver code. You might need to contact the Delta Airlines department for assistance if you want to add a middle name or initial. It is even possible to reverse the first and last names on the ticket with the help of a travel agent or a Delta specialist. To find out more, you can simply contact the airline before proceeding straight to the page where you can make a change request.


What is the procedure and how can I change my name on Delta Airlines?

Most travelers enter their names incorrectly when booking a flight because they are rushing. Certain airlines provide laborious procedures and a substantial fee for name changes. However, if you change your name within 24 hours of making your reservation, Delta Airlines will pay the difference.


To alter the passenger name on the Delta Airlines ticket, take the actions listed below:


  • Go to Delta Airlines’ official website first.
  • To manage my travel section, go here.
  •  When you get to the next page, enter your credentials and last name.
  • Click next to continue.
  • Choose the booking that you would like to have the name changed for.
  • Three options will be presented to you for modification: itinerary, flight information, and credentials. Simply move on to the third section and enter a new name for yourself.
  • To change the ticket’s Delta Airlines name, adhere to the instructions.
  • Click next to confirm the ticket, then check your email address to get a new one. Now, your name is different.

You have been validated and are now prepared to travel in comfort with Delta Airlines.


Regarding “legal name changes on Delta Airlines,” could you please elaborate?

For legal reasons—such as marriage, divorce, or gender identity—Delta Airlines may request a name change on their tickets. If you would like to request a change in such circumstances, you can do so by following the guidelines below.


  • To request a name change, you can submit official government documents such as a legal notice or court order.


  • You can resolve the problem by giving the Delta Airlines customer support team a good explanation.


  • You must give the airline all the necessary paperwork, including your marriage license, if you are changing because of your marriage.


Additionally, you must file the divorce agreement and legal notice with other parties in the event of a divorce.


Is it possible to modify my name in the Delta Skymiles Account Program?

Yes, name changes are permitted under Delta Airlines’ Skymiles program, though you might need some legal paperwork. The account name with Delta Airlines Skymiles can be changed, and the following corrections are possible:


  • Using official identification documents, one can modify their DOB, gender, and other details.
  • With the appropriate paperwork, Skymiles also permits name changes brought about by marriage or divorce.
  • Additionally, you are able to ask for a middle name name change.

Speak with an airline representative for further information about name changes, including any applicable hidden clauses and new rules.


Can I change the name on my Delta ticket after booking?

Yes, Delta allows name changes after booking. However, certain conditions and fees may apply.


Is there a deadline for making a name change on a Delta ticket?

Ideally, Delta recommends making changes at least 7 days before departure. Last-minute changes might face additional challenges.


What documents are required for a name change?

Be ready with government-issued identification and relevant supporting documents for a smooth name change process.


Can I transfer my ticket to someone else’s name?

Delta generally allows transfers, but restrictions and fees may apply. Check the policy details for your specific situation.


What if there’s a typo in my name on the ticket?

Minor typos can often be corrected without much hassle. Contact Delta’s customer support for guidance.



In conclusion, understanding What is Delta Name Change and Correction Policy? is not just a formality but a strategic move for any Delta passenger. This comprehensive guide has unveiled the intricacies, ensuring you’re well-equipped for any adjustments you may need. Trust in Delta’s commitment to flexibility, backed by a policy designed with passengers in mind.