WoW Shadowlands: How to get Heirlooms & upgrade it

We’ve laid out everything in the redesigned Heirloom system in World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands, from set perks to dealer placements.

In World of Warcraft, you may level up your character with a variety of goods.

WoW’s Shadowlands not only provided us with a ton of fresh quests and content, but it also provided us with some of the most sought-after gaming marvels, such hidden horses and Valor Points.

The Heirlooms are one such instance; in combination with Shadowlands, they provide better advantages than ever before. Find out here how to get heirlooms and enhance them in the WoW Shadowlands.

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WoW Shadowlands Heirlooms

In World of Warcraft, heirloom items are a premium item kind. Armor, armament, and other trinkets are all examples.

Heirlooms, which are accessible to all classes, increase power proportionately to the character’s level. As a result, they are suitable for the grading process. Additionally, since they are account-wide items, they can only be bought once and utilized for the duration of your stay in World of Warcraft.

WoW Heirlooms: How to upgrade

But, if you chance to own one of these uncommon items, you may have noticed that it has a level, such as 0/4. This is due to the fact that Heirlooms need improvements in order to stay up with your level growth.

Gold is required to purchase items from Heirloom Curators, Scabbards, or Armor Casings that will help you level up.

The grading scale works as follows:

Upgrade 1 – scales to level 35.
Upgrade 2 – scales to level 40.
Upgrade 3 – scales to level 45.
Upgrade 4 – scales to level 50.

Some goods do scale instantly to Level 44; but, to get them to Level 50, you’ll need to purchase the fourth upgrade.

Who is the Alliance faction’s Heirloom vendor in World of Warcraft?

Many of these upgrades and Heirloom artefacts will cost money, so knowing who your local Heirloom Curator is and where to locate them is critical.

Alliance members may talk with Krom Stoutarm, a dwarf, in Ironforge’s Hall of Explorers. He is the Curator for the area.

Who is the Horde’s WoW Heirlooms vendor?

If you’re a Horde member who can’t take interacting with the bothersome pleasant people from the Alliance, don’t worry! Your very own merchant may be found in the heart of Orgrimmar.

Estelle Gendry is a rogue who enjoys gazing out the Rogues’ Quarter and the top of the Main Gate in Orgrimmar.

Shadowlands Heirloom set bonuses

Bonuses for using a complete set of Heirloom equipment have been added to World of Warcraft as of the Shadowlands expansion. You must have at least six of the following slots filled with Heirloom items to gain these benefits:

  • Head
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Cloak
  • Chest
  • Legs
  • Ring
  • Dino Game

Below are the benefits of wearing many items:

Number of Items Bonus
2 Rested XP consumption is reduced by 30%. This simply makes your Rested XP period last longer.
4 Increases your health generation while out of combat, letting you recover quickly from tough fights.
5 Whenever you level up, you activate a Burst of Knowledge, dealing AoE damage and giving you a 40% main stat bonus for 2 minutes. Killing enemies extends this buff up to 4 minutes. It can be kept up as long as you keep killing mobs before it expires.
6 Rested XP consumption is reduced by an additional 30%. This simply makes your Rested XP period last longer.

The experience a player earns outside of the game is known as rest XP, and it is added to their total when they log back in. Eight hours in a major city or hotel produces 5%, but eight hours in a rural area produces 1.25 %.