QuickBooks payroll service is the best to manage your employee records and punctually submit the payroll after deducting the taxes. Unfortunately, QuickBooks Error 15102 can sometimes emerge when you try downloading the latest service updates. On the off chance this error terminates the payroll updates on your PC, explore this blog to figure out why it develops and some effective methods to kick it out.

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What causes this error during the QB payroll updates?

You’ll see an error message 15102 in QuickBooks during the payroll updates, and the process will instantly terminate after that. The possible causes why this payroll error blocks the service updates are mentioned below-

  • The incorrect arrangement of the TLS settings on your system leads to network connectivity issues during the payroll update.
  • QuickBooks cannot store the payroll update package on your system due to the incorrect location mentioned in the software.
  • QuickBooks runs in multi-user mode while downloading the latest tax table.

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Easy methods to prevent the payroll error from developing again

Your QB will continuously suffer from this payroll error until you take the required measures to remove it from your PC. Here are the best methods to tackle the QB payroll error-

Solution 1- Ensure the TLS settings are correctly set on your computer

QuickBooks can’t update payroll because of error 15102 if the Transport Layer Security settings aren’t correctly configured. These settings are in place to protect your data from getting accessed by unauthorized people when you transfer it over the internet. If these settings aren’t correct on a system, the internet access of all the PC applications might get blocked. If QuickBooks faces a lapse in the internet connection during the payroll update, the process instantly terminates and the error codes come up on the screen. The steps to set up the TLS settings are given below-

  1. Press the Windows+R keys on the keyboard to launch the Run window on your computer.
  2. Clear the data auto-filled in the search window and type ‘Inetcpl.cpl.’
  3. Pressing Enter will open the Internet Properties window, and you need to go to the Security tab.
  4. Tap Advanced and search the TLS settings in the list below.
  5. Mark the Use TLS 1.2 checkbox among all the TLS settings and save the changes.
  6. Close the window and try updating the payroll again.

If the payroll error disturbs you again, check out the next solution.

Solution 2- Switch QBDT to single-user mode and check the shared download location

QuickBooks update error 15102 can also emerge if you try updating the payroll running the software in multi-user mode. You must also ensure the shared download location is correct and accessible to QBDT. Apply these steps-

  1. Open the QuickBooks application on your computer and click the File menu.
  2. Hit the Utilities option and single-click the Stop hosting multi-user access option.
  3. Go to the Update QuickBooks Desktop option in the Help menu.
  4. Move to the Options tab and ensure the shared download location is correct.


We have reached the end of this blog discussing why QuickBooks Error 15102 doesn’t let the payroll service update. The methods you’ll need to confront the issue are also compiled in the blog, and we suggest you apply them on your computer to update the payroll service without problems.

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