There is a word circulating in the street: “Pickup does not change, push into the sea“, perhaps the modification manufacturers are a little exaggerated, but the implementation is true, this statement is not empty wind; Because the pickup truck model has an open cargo box compared with other models, there are more modification possibilities. With the open pickup truck, many users will install the back cover of the pickup truck, because it can be very good waterproof, anti-theft and fuel saving, and it is predicted that the urban area is largely free of obstruction.
Today, I will introduce some advantages and disadvantages of the back cover of the pickup truck:
1. Flat cover type
Advantages: simple design, low price, basically meet the waterproof anti-theft function.
Disadvantages: The internal space is compressed, it is not safe to stack things on the lid, and it is easy to bump or scratch.
2. Cargo box type
Advantages: large space, privacy is not good, basically meet the waterproof anti-theft function.
Disadvantages: The glass window is easily broken, and the appearance design lacks aesthetic feeling.
3. Three-door high cover
Advantages: cool deformation, beautiful and practical, super load-bearing, original car mold
Disadvantages: Market awareness is not high.
So what does it take to choose a good UTE TOOLBOX? Here I will introduce one to you:
2 door UTE large aluminum box
This 2-door UTE large aluminum box can be lifted up with a lift frame or a jack, and then the car is driven away. It is very suitable for outdoor hunting and camping exploration. It is not only matched with Australian UTE cars, but also with many Ute cars such as MAZDA BT50 and FORD F150 cars. Very popular in the Australian and New Zealand market, it is the most affordable and practical small motorhome. This kind of Aluminum ToolBox uses 40*40 aluminum profile square pipe as the internal support structure, and flat aluminum plate of 2.0-3.0MM base material as the box material. It is all fully welded by TIG argon arc welding. The factory master has been working for many years, which not only has a solid structure and strong load-bearing capacity, but also can weld the welding position into a very beautiful fish scale welding. Well received by foreign customers. The design of the two doors is not only convenient for storing tools and accompanying outdoor supplies, but also can be used with the dog cage, and the unique embedded waterproof design can not only be waterproof and dust, but also greatly reduce the noise brought by closing the door and driving. In addition, we also design and produce supporting shelves, folding ladder, wheeled pendant, convenient mailbox hanging barrel, car refrigerator slide rail and other supporting facilities for customers to choose.
Specification parameters:
Type: Large aluminum cabinet with 2 doors, rear door optional
Material: Flat aluminum plate 1100#,3003#,5052#
Thickness: 2.0mm,2.5mm, 3.0mm
Conventional dimensions: 1780(L) x 500(D) x 850 (H)MM
Other sizes: 800(L) x 1780(W) x 850 (H)MM
1000(L) x 1780(W) x 850 (H)MM
1500(L) x 1780(W) x 850 (H)MM
1600(L) x 1780(W) x 850 (H)MM
Non-standard custom sizes are also available
Regular color: Highlights/sand/wrinkles, white, black, aluminum primary color
Surface treatment: outdoor polyester spray
Packing: brushed film + thickened pearl cotton + stiff paper corner guard + rolled tape
Other optional accessories: dog box, lifting rack (jack), luggage rack, folding ladder, tire rack, convenient fuel tank hanger
Product features:
Welding: Full welding (TIG fish scale welding)
Structure: 40*40 aluminum profile frame structure, the bottom, top and side have strong support, all doors are made of I-shaped reinforcement
Hinge: 201 stainless steel piano hinge
Door opening mode: buffer pressure bar rise
Door design: car weather-resistant rubber strip plus guide sink, noise reduction, shock absorption, waterproof and dustproof effect is excellent
Suitable for: UTE trucks, pickup trucks, minivans, single/double seats can be used
Installation position: on the top of the carriage, it can be installed with open holes or lock type fixed installation without open holes
Lock: stainless steel T lock or chrome-plated fishtail lock
EZTOOLBOX is made of high-density aluminum, which is of high strength, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, rain and sun protection, lock and anti-theft. Easy to store some small, delicate, valuable items. Easy to install. Can also customize EZTOOLBOX rear box cover high cover iron cover modified parts, three-door design, both sides, the tail door can be opened. All metal material, strong and durable. With hydraulic lift window cover, easy to open and close. Buckle installation, no punching, with lock anti-theft. EZTOOLBOX, can be rotated, easy to take, with lock anti-theft. With the characteristics of rain and sun protection, simple installation, easy to use, protect the safety of the tool box, product quality is guaranteed. Pull the handle outward to flip the toolbox.
In line with the quality requirements of domestic mechanical products, large-scale development and production processes, the selection of high-quality materials and unique technology, this is called EZTOOLBOX.