Here is a popular product:
Aluminum primary color full dog box
Aluminum tube frames for the bottom, sides and top of the dog box
There are laser cutting vents on the 3 sides
Stainless steel piano hinge
2 x zinc alloy whale tail lock
2x air support auxiliary door
Rubber sealing ring (waterproof and shock-proof)
The dividing door in the middle of the dog crate
Available for OEM and ODM
Assembly position: ute pallet, pickup lathe
Hot markets: Australia, New Zealand, USA
Type: Dog Box
Material: Aluminum flat alloy
Thickness: 2.0mm,2.5mm,3.0mm
Dimensions: 700 (L) x 1780 (W) x 850 (H) mm
Other dimensions: 800 (L) x 1780 (W) x 850 (H) mm
800 (L) x 890 (W) x 850 (H) mm
Custom size or combined with ute aluminum cabinet
Color: White/Black/Silver/Custom color
The package includes:
Dog box + shrink film + foam + cardboard box
2x key
This UTE is perfect for outdoor adventures or hunting trips. The whole dog box design is divided into 2 parts with a dividing door in the middle. This design can help you separate 2 rooms and avoid fighting between 2 pets. The laser-cut vents are evenly distributed on the three sides of the dog box and are well ventilated, so that even in the hot summer, the dog will not feel out of breath. Each of the box’s hexagonal ventilation grates is carefully polished to ensure that your puppy’s PAWS and tongue are not scratched. The bottom of the dog box has been removed, and the dog can sit and lie directly on the tail plate, reducing the weight of the dog box. It is also easy to install on the UTE tailplate with simple tools and is very popular in the Australian and New Zealand markets. The use of high-quality flat aluminum plate, all welded, the overall use of 40×40 reinforcement, so that the whole box more durable. The soft sealing rubber strip on the door can effectively prevent dust and water from entering, reduce the impact on the pet when opening and closing, and 2 gas poles are convenient for opening and closing. Equipped with 2 sets of high quality whale tail locks to keep your pets safe at all times. Diamond-shaped honeycomb vents and white spray paint are highly adapted to your truck to make it look more beautiful. Your dog will love the new house, too.

ez tool box is a comprehensive manufacturer of sheet metal, we have researched and developed many custom metal products, such as metal toolboxes, Ute canopies, dog boxes, valet parking platforms, bumpers, anti-roll bars, engine anti-skateboards, wine barrel covers, metal wall cladding, etc. Mainly used for tool box, pickup external modification, special vehicle parts and construction industry. After years of development, we have introduced a variety of advanced equipment from Japan and Germany, such as laser cutting, CNC punching/bending/machining, welding robots, gantry milling machines, etc. We have also strengthened the management of quality control and production process optimization to improve our work efficiency and product quality. So our products are very popular in the domestic and foreign markets. Our factory philosophy is to provide the best product solution for each customer, we hope that we can continuously optimize the product design and manufacturing process, and then we can improve the accuracy and use experience of the product. Because only win-win business relationships can last. EzToolBox’s customers are also our partners and friends, and we sincerely hope that we can serve our customers and society. We also believe that the bright future belongs to you and us. We look forward to your visit.

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