QuickBooks Desktop has multiple technical functions & utilities through which small business units can effectively complete various accounting and bookkeeping tasks. The most reliable & useful feature of this software is ‘Company File’, but many errors like ‘QuickBooks Error 6094’ can arise while accessing it.
As per experts, this error manifests due to restrictions imposed by various antivirus programs present on the user’s computer.
Here, in this blog, you shall be given detailed resolutions to decimate this technical problem.

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Most Common Reasons Behind the Sudden Occurrence of ‘6094 Error Message in QuickBooks’

The important causes behind ‘6094 Error Message in QuickBooks’ are mentioned as follows:

  • As stated in the introduction, the imperfect settings of different antivirus programs can easily trigger this error message.
  • Various problems within the Windows operating system can also cause this technical problem.

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Simplest Resolutions for ‘QB Desktop 6094 Company File Error Code’

The useful step-wise resolutions for ‘QB Desktop 6094 Company File Error Code’ are listed as follows:

Resolution 1: Remove QB files via the ‘PC Tools Internet Security’ settings & easily attach QB Desktop as an exception

  • Here, just after launching the ‘PC Tools Internet Security’ settings window, you need to visit the ‘Settings’ menu, after which you will have to click the ‘Quarantine’ option.
  • Next, properly select all the QB Desktop files depicted on the window & immediately tap the ‘Restore’ button, following which you need to hit the ‘Yes’ & the ‘OK’ options successively.
  • Thereafter, all the QB files will get restored & you will shift back to the ‘Settings’ menu in order to seamlessly choose the ‘Global Action List’ option.
  • Now, precisely use the ‘Add’ button to put all the QB Directory files in the required field, following which you can hit the ‘OK’ button on the window.
  • Finally, you will be able to successfully access the desired company file through your QB Desktop application on the system.

Resolution 2: Seamlessly remove various QB files via the ‘AVG Antivirus’ quarantine section & instantly add the QB directory as an exception

  • Just launch the ‘AVG Antivirus’ window on the screen & effectively visit the ‘History’ menu in order to select the ‘Virus Vault’ tab, following which you shall choose all the QB files that have been quarantined.
  • Thereafter, hit the ‘Restore’ button to instantly remove all the QB files from the quarantine section, following which you must double-click the ‘Resident Shield’ menu on the window.
  • Now, easily strike the ‘Manage Exceptions’ button & carefully hit the ‘Add Path’ option in order to write the valid path of the QB Desktop installation folder on the computer.
  • Next, carefully tap the ‘Save Changes’ & the ‘OK’ buttons, after which you will be able to simply open the relevant QB Company file on the system.

Both resolutions detailed above are sufficient to tackle ‘QuickBooks Error 6094’. For additional help, dial 1-855-856-0042 to connect with our QB Specialists Team.

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