Every user willing to optimally use the QuickBooks software has to pay a small amount in the form of a subscription. By paying for the QB subscription, you get access to download the latest updates and get a lot of essential services and features. These will help you record, track, and manage your business’s financial transactions. One day, if all these benefits are taken away from you instantly due to an error, it will create a lot of hassle in your work.
QuickBooks subscription has lapsed in a technical error where the application cannot renew or verify your subscription and stops all the services.

Some common factors are discontinuing the QB Desktop version, poor internet connection, outdated QB software, corrupted QB installation files, and not updating the new billing details. To get rid of this issue, you have to follow and apply a few of the quick solutions mentioned in this blog. So, let us get started!!

It is not always easy to tackle every error in the same way. Every solution differs from the other and sometimes creates confusion or fuss in your mind. If this error has worried you, call us at 1-855-856-0042 now!! Our team will unquestionably assist you in each step.

3 Quick-Fix Methods to Eradicate QuickBooks Subscription Has Lapsed Warning

The following are the troubleshooting ways to rectify the recurring subscription issues in the QB Desktop software.

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Method 1: Updating the Credit Card Details

  • Go to the CAMPs and sign in to the account as an admin.
  • Now, navigate to the Product and Services option.
  • Under it, choose the QB Desktop and choose the Details option beside the QB Product.
  • Then, click on the Edit tab beside the Payment Method and update all the necessary information.
  • When the changes are done, click on Save & Close.
  • Proceed to launch your QB Desktop and click on the Help tab.
  • Under the Help tab, go to the option saying Manage My License and click on Sync License Data Online.

Method 2: Re-establish the Product and License File

QB Desktop saves a file containing all the details of the Product and License on your hard drive. It helps in restoring the file in case of a miss happening.

  • For starters, close all the running programs on the system, including QB Desktop.
  • Now, launch the run dialogue box on the screen.
  • In the empty search space of the Run window, type C:ProgramDataIntuitEntitlement Clientv8 and click on the Browse option.
  • If the above command does not open the folder again, type: C:ProgramDataIntuitEntitlement Clientv6.
  • Further, you will find a file named EntitlementDataStore.ecml. As you right-click on it, choose Delete.
  • Then, click on Yes to confirm the above command.
  • Then, after opening the QB Desktop and the company file, follow the procedure for registering the QuickBooks with the product and license details.

Method 3: Try to Install Fresh Updates of QB Desktop

If you do not update the QB in specific intervals or when fresh updates are available, you might not be able to verify the subscription for the application.

  • As you begin, choose the Help menu inside the QB Desktop
  • Now, when you click on the Update QuickBooks Desktop option, a window will appear on the screen for Updating QuickBooks.
  • Then, click on the option of Update Now.
  • Double-check if the following options are tick-marked for updates:
  • Essentials
  • New Features
  • Maintenance Releases
  • Help
  • Accountant
  • Proceed to choose the Get Updates option and start the application after downloading the updates.
  • Then, select the Install Now option to grant permission for updates.
  • Lastly, verify whether the QuickBooks Desktop subscription has lapsed error is rectified.

Wrapping Up!!

You can implement any one or all the methods in the blog to eliminate the QuickBooks subscription has lapsed issue. However, If the above-presented troubleshooting methods were insufficient, there might be other issues in your Windows OS or the application. Contact us at 1-855-856-0042 and explain the problem deeply to our professional team, and they will find out the root cause and advise you on more practical solutions.

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