QuickBooks Online is an accounting software that records transactions in real-time and helps users with Online banking. However, users can sometimes come across QuickBooks Error 350 while downloading the recent bank transactions in the software. In case your QBO also displays this error code, read this blog to figure out its causes and the reliable methods to remove it from your PC.

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You might run into this error when you access the banking menu of your QuickBooks Online. The potential causes for this QBO error to develop on your PC are mentioned below-

  • QBO’s connection to the bank servers breaks due to network connectivity issues or a fault at the bank server’s end.
  • Your bank has sent new messages or updates on their website, which are still left unseen.
  • You haven’t refreshed your connection to the bank or credit card accounts.


This is basically a banking error that might cause problems in using QBO efficiently on your PC. Some relevant methods to eliminate the QBO banking error are discussed below in detail-

Solution 1- Refresh the connection to your bank and credit card account

For your convenience, QuickBooks Online automatically downloads the recent transactions when you connect a bank or credit card account to the software. The connections to these accounts must be continuously refreshed after constant intervals to keep the data in sync. In case QBO loses its connection with the bank or credit card account, you’ll face problems during online banking in the software. This error code emerges when you go to the Banking menu of the software and stops you from performing any accounting task. You’ll have to refresh the connection to ensure this error doesn’t appear again in the software. Here are the steps-

  • Open your QuickBooks Online and go to the Transactions menu.
  • Click the Bank Transactions menu and select Bank Accounts in the next window.
  • Single-click the blue square beside the bank account that needs to be reconnected.
  • Tap the Sign in option and enter the User ID & Password of your bank account to log in to the bank’s website.
  • Choose the bank accounts whose transactions you need on your QuickBooks and hit Continue.
  • Enter any other information needed and tap Update to download the latest bank transactions in the software.

If you reencounter the QBO error, move to the next solution.

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Solution 2- Clear the cookies and temporary files from the web browser

You can also face problems connecting to your bank if temporary files or cookies pile up in the web browser. You must also try using the incognito mode to download the latest transactions in the QBO. Use these steps to remove junk files from the software-

  • Open your web browser and access the browsing history menu (Ctrl+H).
  • Select the checkboxes beside cookies, cached data, temporary files and click the Clear Now option to remove them along with the browsing history.
  • Reopen the browser and try downloading the bank transactions in QBO.


This blog is a comprehensive guide to understand why QuickBooks Error 350 stops you from accessing the banking menu of the software. The appropriate ways to rectify this QBO error are also mentioned in the blog, which you must apply to eliminate the problem from your computer.

Consult our QB support team at 1-855-856-0042 if the solutions are too complex for you to apply.

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