QuickBooks is also called a tax calculation software as it helps business owners file their taxes accurately at the end of the fiscal year. User’s experience of business accounting gets affected if QuickBooks Keeps Crashing on their computer. If you also face frequent crashes on your QuickBooks, you must read this blog to discover why it happens and the approaches you can take to prevent your software from crashing randomly.

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QuickBooks might become challenging to use if it starts crashing frequently while running on your PC. The circumstances under which QuickBooks can face problems running and crashes randomly are discussed below-

  • QuickBooks crashes during its launch if the QBWUSER.ini file gets damaged and fails to run.
  • QuickBooks files & processes getting blocked by the Windows Firewall can lead to frequent crashes in the software.
  • QuickBooks might fail to run smoothly on an outdated Windows version on your system.


Your financial data might get damaged if QuickBooks suddenly stops running and crashes in between accounting tasks. The quick methods to resolve the crashing issue from your QBDT are mentioned below-

Solution 1- Fix the QBWUSER.ini file before launching QuickBooks

QuickBooks won’t start or crash while running if the QBWUSER.ini file gets damaged and fails to run. The file contains information about the users authorized to use the financial data, and the software processes it to authenticate your QB account. In case the file cannot be processed, QB instantly develops issues and crashes. You can get rid of the crashing issue by recreating the file and running QuickBooks, as shown in the steps mentioned below-

  • Launch the file explorer and navigate to C: UsersPublicPublicDocumentsIntuitQuickBooksXX.
  • Right-click the QBWSUSER.ini file you find inside the folder and click the Rename option.
  • Add ‘.old’ as an extension to the file and save it as QBWUSER.ini.old.
  • Open your QuickBooks again after restarting your system.

If the software crashes randomly again, jump to the next solution.

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Solution 2- Get the latest updates for your Windows OS

Your PC applications including QuickBooks, might face trouble running on an obsolete Windows version. This can be due to compatibility issues, which stop QB from integrating with the Windows application and performing its functions smoothly. Intuit also advises using QuickBooks on the latest Windows version for the best experience. QuickBooks will showcase abnormal behaviour until you update the Windows version to the latest release. Use these steps-

  • Go to the control panel and tap the Security & Updates option.
  • Single-click the Windows Update option in the left menu and tap Check for Updates in the next window.
  • Let the system search for the latest updates available for Windows and click Download and Install when it finds one.
  • Wait until the new Windows update installs completely and your system reopens.
  • Try running QuickBooks on your PC.


This blog provides the appropriate reasons why QuickBooks Keeps Crashing randomly on your computer. The methods you need to stop the frequent crashes in your QBDT are discussed in the blog, and we hope you use them to continue using the software without any problems.

Speak to our QB support team at 1-855-856-0042 if your QuickBooks crashes after using the solutions.

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