Granite worktops in London have become the go-to for homeowners. This material is often their first choice when considering the aesthetics and functionality of the kitchen. Not to mention, the many varieties of granite stones give you an array of options. From styles, colours, and colour combinations, there’s no end to possibilities!

It also helps that granite offers durability along with a touch of luxury. The only downside is that many people remain unaware of this variety, and we’re going to change that today. Let’s explore 10 amazing granite varieties that can transform your kitchen into a culinary masterpiece.

1- Blue Pearl: Elegance in Blue

Blue pearl granite, with its mesmerizing blue and silver flecks, is a top pick for those seeking elegance and sophistication. Not only will it bring serene vibes into your kitchen, but it also is ideal for creating a calm and relaxed environment. The blue of this granite with the gorgeous specks of silver makes the worktop seem like the starry night sky.

Further, add a central island and backsplash to truly elevate this worktop into something else altogether.

2- Kashmir White: A Timeless Classic

Kashmir white granite worktops in London exude timeless beauty with their creamy-white background. The black and grey speckles shine surrounded by this white and grey background. Also, it complements diverse kitchen styles, from modern to traditional.

Moreover, this specific piece is perfect for adding an oomph to a modern, minimalistic kitchen.

3- Black Galaxy: A Stellar Choice

Black Galaxy Kitchen Worktops in London is what you need if you want your space to stand out. This has a rich black base that has a decoration of golden traces resembling the sky at night. In short, it is simplistic and glamorous at once. However, it is a bold choice, so plan the rest of the features carefully.

4- Bianco Romano: The Epitome of Style

Another stunning choice if you appreciate style and beauty!

Bianco Romano Granite worktops in London come with a white background and the most gorgeous grey veining on it. To complete the show, you’ll find burgundy particles throughout the surface.

5- Ubatuba: Nature’s Greenery

It captures the essence of lush green forests. The surface is a deep green with swirls of black and gold – almost like a witch’s magic ball. Ubatuba granite worktops in London offer a natural and exotic flicker to your cooking space.

If you’re looking for something utterly unique, this is the right choice for you!

6- Verde Butterfly: Green Elegance

With its many shades of green and a touch of grey, the Verde Butterfly granite worktop looks almost whimsical. Also, amid these earthy colours, you will find the most magnificent silver speckles. This combination is ideal for a fairly core or cottage-core kitchen surrounded by houseplants, herbs, and warm colours.

7- Santa Cecilia: Beauty and Durability

The beautiful mix of colours in Santa Cecilia Kitchen Worktops in London makes it a classic when it comes to kitchen worktops. Moreover, you will notice golden hues and black, brown and burgundy specks sprinkled throughout. Truly combines attractiveness & durability!

It is a practical alternative that fetches the essence of extravagance to your space. It goes well with traditional wooden kitchen cabinets.

8- Giallo Ornamental: Warm and Inviting

Giallo Ornamental granite is slightly similar to the Santa Cecilia one. It is a warm and inviting worktop with shades of cream, brown, and grey. A perfect option for creating a relaxing and comfortable kitchen atmosphere!

9- Colonial Gold: Elegance Redefined

Do you want to add a punch of opulence to your kitchen space? Opt for the full option with a full wall backsplash and waterfall edge island or worktop. In addition to this, make it large and wide to truly show off the gorgeous colours in this granite.

Colonial Gold granite redefines what elegance means with its golden and brown veining on a beige background. The splashes of brown only accentuate the golden shades instead of dulling them down.

10- Steel Grey: A Contemporary Touch

Finally, Steel Grey is one of those Kitchen Worktops in London that is contemporary and classic at once. While it has been on the rising trend for a few years, it is yet to become a common sight. Moreover, many people avoid using this as it is a brave choice and requires careful planning.

The background is dark grey with lighter grey veins to create this modern and sleek appearance.

Choosing the Right Granite Variety

When selecting a worktop for your kitchen worktops, consider factors like your kitchen’s style and colour scheme as well as your personal preferences. Additionally, each granite variety offers a unique character; prefer the one that resonates with your vision for your kitchen.


In London, granite worktops have become popular for their durability, beauty, and versatility. They offer a wide range of choices, and the 10 amazing varieties you see above can transform your kitchen. Select one that aligns with the theme you choose and enjoy a functional and stunning kitchen.

For the best worktops in London, get in touch with Slabs and Stones. We’ll help you bring your dream kitchen to life.