When we were younger we loved the rains and that feeling has remained the same even after so many years in children. However, rainy days sometimes put a huge damper on our plans especially when it comes to keeping the little ones entertained. Specifically, it is a big headache for the teachers of even the best preschools to keep children involved, and that too with indoor activities. But now fret not because there are a plethora of creative plans that educators can execute to turn those gloomy days into a fulfilled extravaganza. So, we have compiled a list of the top 10 fun easy rainy day craft ideas for preschoolers that will surely keep the children not only engaged but super entertained as well. 

Easy and Fun Rainy Day Craft Ideas For Preschool Kids 

1. Paper Plate Umbrellas: 

One of the first activities you can conduct is with paper plates. Yes, it’s time to let your child’s creativity speak its language by helping them make their own mini umbrellas using paper plates. It’s not mandatory to use only paper plates, they can also go with construction papers, and don’t forget to add a colorful touch to the paper umbrellas with the markers. The students are free to make the umbrellas of their own color choices, and patterns. 

2. Puddle Painting: 

We all would agree to the fact that rainy days are just the perfect time to enjoy the puddles outside. But how about if we say, this time let your children bring those puddles indoors and enjoy the fun. Yes, let the students grab some paint, white paper, and brushes and make them create their masterpieces over the puddles and that too using the rainwater collected from the outside area. It is one great way to let students explore the colors and textures rain can create. 

3. Sock Puppets: 

Children love playing with puppets, so an activity that can let them make one for themselves will sound super fun to them. So, collect all the mismatched socks, yarns, buttons, and eyes from the toys and let the preschools make their sock puppets using all these raw materials. They can even give it a unique touch by using paints or markers to give their sock puppets a specific personality. Once the puppets get ready, organize a mini puppet show that they will enjoy wholeheartedly. 

4. Rain Stick: 

Another creative craft idea educators of playschools can teach the preschoolers is helping the little ones create their rain sticks. This can be done by using a cardboard tube, rice, and aluminum foil. In addition to that, give them the freedom to decorate their sticks with stickers or markers and then fill them with rice. Seal both ends of the stick and it’s ready. Now, they have their own musical stick which reflects the sound of soothing rain. 

5. Paper Bag Rain Clouds: 

Rain is not just about enjoying but it is also one great time to teach preschoolers some scientific concepts. This can be done by teaching preschoolers about the water cycle and letting them make their own adorable paper bag rain clouds. All they need are paper lunch bags, cotton balls, glue, and construction paper. Cut out the shape of clouds and glue them onto the bottom of the paper bag. Hang the clouds around the house or classroom for a whimsical touch. 

6. Rainy Day Collage: 

When we are talking of craft how can we even forget collage? Gather up some newspapers, and old magazines and make your preschooler create a rainy day collage. They are free to choose pictures like umbrellas, raindrops, or anything else that relates to the rainy season and glue them onto the piece of paper. Try to encourage them to be creative and then post the best rainy collages of the students on the classroom wall or allow them to take them at home. 

7. Indoor Obstacle Course: 

While we are discussing things we can do in craft form, but its not the only thing we can do right? So, it’s one great time to let children enjoy an indoor activity like an obstacle course using cushions, pillows, and other soft materials. This way the preschoolers will learn how they can cross these obstacles, whether by crawling under the tables or by jumping over the pillows, it’s an activity in which they will be using their brains and will also be physically involved. 

8. Homemade Binoculars: 

Coming back to craftwork, another great activity you can do is to help your little one make their binoculars. This can be done by using toilet paper, tape, and string. If they want they can decorate the role with special characters using markers or stickers and then tape them together. Punch holes on the sides and slide them through the string to create a strap for the homemade binoculars. Once, done, their homemade binoculars are ready for their imaginative adventures. 

9. DIY Rain Gauge: 

By building a straightforward rain gauge with your preschooler, you can turn a wet day into a science lesson. A clear plastic bottle, a ruler, and a marker are all you need. Remove the bottle’s cap, insert the ruler, and mark the dimensions. Your youngster can check the rain gauge frequently to see how much rain has accumulated by placing it outside. It’s a fun approach to instruct children on how to gauge and monitor rainfall.

10. Indoor Bowling: 

With this straightforward indoor bowling game, you can turn your hallway into a bowling alley. All you need is a soft ball and some empty plastic bottles. Your preschooler can take turns rolling the ball to knock down the bottles that you have arranged in a triangle at the end of the hallway. While remaining dry indoors, it’s a terrific opportunity to enhance hand-eye coordination and engage in some friendly rivalry.


In conclusion, we can say these are the most fun and easy rainy craft ideas that can be experimented with not just at top play schools but also at home during rainy for gloomy days. Next time the rain clouds roll in, don’t fret. Instead, embrace the opportunity for creativity and fun with these engaging activities. Who knows, you might even find yourself enjoying those rainy days as much as your little ones do!