Higher education institutions need to focus on managing computer lab hours better to meet student and faculty demands. With LabStats, you can now track hundreds of applications by default and save valuable hours of student and staff time.


Our computer lab software management allows IT managers to focus on software that is being used across campus, and cutting down on unused or resource-intensive software.


How does our Computer Lab Software Management Tool Work?

For large universities with several hardware resources, our computer lab software management tool offers greater simplicity.


All you need to do is to install the client and automate software inventory tracking. The tool runs past the most common applications, tracking them by default and also covering basic updates on those applications. 


You can choose manually to monitor independent software during the initial setup or after, with powerful features that let you edit the list of applications at any time.


We recommend tracking various software initially and gradually narrowing down to track the ones that best serve your IT needs. Our software tracking tool automatically tracks all leading software including the whole spectrum of Google, Microsoft, Windows, and Adobe applications, along with many others.


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LabStats has helped thousands of higher education institutions worldwide by tracking 80% of all software applications that the leading schools have in common.


Optimize software tracking and provide the best resources to your students when and where they need it.


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