Scoliosis is basically the sideways curvature of the Spine. This is mostly diagnosed in adolescents. However, Scoliosis can also occur in people with muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy. Most of the time, scoliosis cases are quite mild. However, extremely serious cases of Scoliosis can cause disability by making it hard for the lungs to work due to the reduced space in the chest.

The traditional treatment for Scoliosis usually involves surgeries such as spinal fusion, Vertebral body tethering, etc, only in severe cases, though. However, it is possible to improve Scoliosis or help the recovery after surgery with the help of different alternative forms of treatment. The flexible bones in adolescents can really benefit from these treatments.

Alternative treatments for Scoliosis include Yoga, Chiropractic Massage, Biomagnetism Pair Therapy, etc. If you are planning on opting for alternative methods, do consult a health professional for safety.

Different methods of alternative treatments for Scoliosis 

For non-severe cases of Scoliosis, these alternative methods can prevent the conditions from getting worse, and in already severe cases, the patient can get some relief from the discomfort post-surgery with these treatments.

Physical Therapy 

Physical Therapy exercises, in general, are not considered effective for Scoliosis. However, recently Scoliosis -specific physical therapy exercises such as the Lyon method, which involves the activation of lumber correction and promotion of lordosis with the help of thoracic shift exercise and swiss ball exercise, and the Schroth method, which focuses on three main elements such as Muscular Symmetry, Rotational Angular Breathing, and Posture Awareness. The exercises for achieving these vary from one patient to another. 

This special scoliosis-centric physical Therapy is making its way from Europe to other locations in the world, such as the U.S.A, Australia, etc. Since these methods are quite new and lack ample research consulting a doctor is necessary before trying them out.


Thus ancient forms of body art can do wonders for issues related to muscular, Spine, and joint pain. The different asanas and poses in Yoga can help stretch out the muscles and Spine to increase their flexibility and straighten them out. This also improves blood circulation and improves body posture. It reduces inflammation and reduces muscle tension. Moreover, Yoga can also help the patients stay calm.

As a patient, you should definitely practice Yoga under the complete supervision of an expert Yoga instructor. However, before that, you need to consult a doctor to know about your progress and the condition of your Spine to decide if Yoga will work for you or not.

Scoliosis-Specific Chiropractic Exercises 

Different research has shown mixed results and limited benefits when traditional chiropractic exercises were used to treat scoliosis patients by practitioners. However, scoliosis-centric chiropractic exercises might help out the patients. You can always ask your Chiropractor to focus on your Spine modulation in the chiropractic exercises.

Still, there is no denying the fact that more research and evidence are required to judge the effectiveness of chiropractic on Scoliosis. So it is always a good idea to consult a health professional before choosing alternative treatments for Scoliosis like this.

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy 

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy is a form of Therapy that aims to treat different diseases with the help of an opposing pair of magnets. Various ailments mess up the ph balance of the body. The Biomagnetic therapist identifies the affected areas of the body and places magnets there to bring back the original pH balance by neutralizing the body. In Scoliosis, this form of Therapy can help reduce the tension of the muscles around the Spine, which can eventually heal the curvature.

However, the evidence regarding the direct effect of Biomagnetism on Scoliosis is still very limited. If you are planning to opt for this form of Therapy, you should consult an experienced doctor to evaluate your decisions.

Heat Therapy 

If you are looking for ways to prevent your Scoliosis from getting worse and reduce the pain, Heat therapy might be able to help you with that. When you apply heat to the affected area, it will relax your muscles which will, in turn, improve the blood flow in the body and promote healing to maintain a healthy spine. You can get this heat from heating pads, hot water bags, etc. Heated Anti-gravity chairs can also help you loosen the muscles.

The best part about this form of treatments for Scoliosis is that you can easily do it from the comfort of your home. However, since each patient’s condition is unique, do consult a health professional.

Spinal decompression 

Spinal decompression is another alternative method of treatment that can help with the reduction of pain by gently stretching out the Spine. It can help heal the damage that the Spine has received by relaxing the spine muscles and releasing the spine pressure. You Can also improve your posture with the help of this form of Therapy by repositioning the Spine into the natural ‘S’ curve.

Spinal decompression therapy can help take off the pressure from Spinal discs and the nerves along the body caused by Scoliosis to reduce the pain and heal the Spine in the long run. However, do talk with a health professional to judge if it is safe to use this Therapy to stretch your Spine out.

Risks and Precautions

Since the curvature and the condition of the Spine plays a very vital role in maintaining the normal posture of the body, any issues with it must be treated really carefully. Patients who do suffer from Scoliosis have to deal with a lot of back pain and discomfort, which affects the quality of their life. However, surgeries can help patients with severe Scoliosis still come with a lot of discomfort.

These alternative forms of Therapy can help patients with mild Scoliosis bring back the natural spine curvature before the issue requires surgery. For those who have already received surgery, these methods such as Massage Therapy. Biomagnetic Pair Therapy Etc can provide relief post-surgery. Due to the lack of ample evidence of the positive effects of these methods, you should always seek advice from a health professional to not wound your Spine further.

The Final Takeaway

Though traditional treatment methods are what most patients go for, still these alternative methods of  treatments for Scoliosis can be great for boosting the effect of traditional treatments. You can explore various alternative options, such as Spinal decompression, Biomagnetism, Heat Therapy, etc., to prevent your scoliosis condition from getting worse. However, do always use these methods in combination with the usual treatment.

Since the field of alternative treatments needs more thorough research and evidence to back up their effectiveness, these methods have not been adopted by doctors at large. To top that off, each patient is unique, so these might not work for every patient.


This blog has explored in detail the different types of alternative therapies available for patients suffering from Scoliosis. The information has been gathered from different reliable sources such as medical reports, medical articles, etc. This is proof of our dedication to providing the readers with correct data. 

The reference listed below talks about different methods of treatment, such as Biomagnetic Therapy, Heat Therapy, etc. Readers can go through them for more detailed information.

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