As a recruiter, it is essential to understand how ATS on demand software can improve your recruitment process. You can take hiring to the next level by using this new powerful recruitment marketing tool during your job openings. It is because the software will help you convert qualified candidates into productive company employees.

Continue reading the blog to know why you need applicant tracking software, the benefits of ATS, and its key features.

What is the need to use ATS on demand software?

Every business has unique needs, but all aim to identify, source, hire, and retain the best talent. However, recruiters face many challenges during their candidate hiring and onboarding process. In this situation, an ATS on demand software can help recruiters and HR professionals. It has all the capabilities necessary to attract, hire, and retain top talent.

Applicant tracking software uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to automate all hiring tasks from start to finish. Not only this, but it ensures that it completes each hiring step with 100% efficiency and accuracy. Ultimately, using ATS during the recruitment process results in greater productivity and better hiring results. 

Therefore, all recruiters and business organizations should count on ATS software to hire the most suitable candidates. Now that you know the importance of ATS in today’s technology-driven business world, let us now understand its benefits.

How will your business benefit by using ATS?

Did you know? 78% of the recruiters have experienced that using ATS on demand software resulted in good quality hires. It is just one of the many benefits of using an ATS. Besides decreasing the workload of the hiring managers and saving them time and effort, the ATS offers these two key benefits:

  • It can improve your brand image

According to a statistics report by GoHire, 99% of Fortune 500 companies use ATS on demand software to hire employees. It means these companies are already ahead in the market. They have all the technological resources needed to hire top talent. As a result, companies that do not have access to this modern AI tool will fail to fill their job vacancies with the best talent.

Therefore, companies of every size and nature should quickly adopt ATS and give tough competition to other companies in the market. Investing in and utilizing an applicant tracking system for hiring will also result in a positive brand image in the industry.

  • It can make hiring efficient and productive

A manually performed recruitment process always results in poor collaboration among the hiring team members and ineffective communication with the job applicants. Moreover, such hiring processes are usually slow and inconsistent. In other words, the applicants move slowly through the recruitment funnel, and cost-per-hire and time-to-hire increase.

However, you can conveniently rely on the ATS system to fill all these hiring gaps. The ATS’s advanced communication and automated features will eliminate the poor candidate engagement process. Moreover, the software will enable hiring team members to access recruitment and candidate data whenever required.

What does ATS do to enhance recruitment?

Undoubtedly, the best ATS on demand software can help organizations achieve their short and long-term hiring and business goals. It is because the best ATS will help them hire the best candidates who eventually contribute a lot to the overall growth and success of the company. 

Therefore, companies that use the best ATS software USA have higher chances of being profitable in the long run. Here are some things that the software can do to enhance recruitment:

  • Send offer letters to all the shortlisted candidates.
  • Set up and maintain a customized career page.
  • Screen candidates using its fast and effective screening abilities.
  • Post jobs and advertisements on multiple job boards, listing sites, and job search platforms.
  • Provide interactive reports, follow-ups, and meaningful insights into the hiring pipeline.
  • Create a drafted and attractive job description.
  • Store and manage candidates and other recruitment data in its database.
  • Schedule interviews and manage candidates throughout the recruitment.

These are the hiring tasks you can automate using the ATS on demand software. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, it is! But remember, only the best ATS will provide you with the above features. Do not know how to choose the best ATS? Worry not! Read the blog further to learn the six vital questions you should ask your software vendor.

Choosing the best ATS software: Questions to ask!

If you want the best applicant tracking system, you should make sure you ask the vendor the following questions:

  • Will this ATS align with my hiring needs?

The first and foremost thing to do before you invest in an ATS is to know your hiring needs and business requirements. For example, if you find it challenging to source top talent, you should invest in an ATS on demand software that focuses more on candidate sourcing. 

Such an applicant tracking system will then help you source candidates from different channels and platforms. But if you buy any random ATS software without considering your needs, your ATS will fail to align with your recruiting strategies and give you the desired hiring results.

  • Do you offer high-end customer support to your clients?

Usually, investment in hiring software is a one-time investment for your business. Therefore, you cannot just consider your short-term needs when buying an ATS on demand system. No! 

You also have to think about long-term needs and goals. Furthermore, you might face issues while using the ATS after buying it. Thus, ensure that your ATS vendor is there to help you anytime. The best way to ensure this is to ask your vendor if they have a high-quality customer support team.

  • Do I need an ATS with so many advanced features?

Sometimes, you might get distracted and invest in an ATS on demand software with many advanced features you do not need. In other words, you should avoid spending a huge sum on a popular ATS. That is because it is not necessary that only the most popular ATS with many features can fulfill your unique recruiting needs. Therefore, always buy an ATS that offers features you genuinely need to elevate your hiring process.

  • How did you decide the cost of the ATS software?

Every ATS provider in the US market has a different method of deciding the price of their ATS on-demand system. You must ensure that you ask a few vendors for their ATS software’s cost. It is the best way to evaluate if the software is worth the investment. Moreover, it will also allow you to decide which software will best suit your budget, and you can set your budget beforehand.

  • Does your ATS have any drawbacks? 

If you select a poor applicant tracking system for your business, it can impact your brand image to a great extent. In other words, investment in poor ATS on demand software will not help you in anything, as it will only disrupt your hiring workflow. Luckily, you can avoid this situation by asking your ATS vendor about the drawbacks of their ATS, if any.

What is the future of ATS on demand software?

You must have realized by now that many organizations use applicant tracking systems. As a result, the demand for this modern software has increased over the last few years. But the question is, what is the future of this software? These are some more features you can accept the ATS to offer in the coming years:

  • Cloud-based technology: ATS will eliminate manual management and storage of candidate and recruitment data in the coming years. In addition, it will also ensure that the recruitment data is safe and protected. The software will do so by offering a cloud-based ecosystem to its users.
  • More integration: You might have integrated your ATS with various social media platforms, online tools, and other hiring software. However, there are still many tools and platforms with which the ATS cannot integrate. ATS will come with more enhanced integration features in the coming years. This way, you can conveniently integrate the software with many platforms, not just a handful. 
  • Better diversity: Recruitment pattern is one of the many factors that hiring managers consider before investing in an ATS on demand software. But this situation will become the opposite in the coming years. That is because HRs will use data to build an organized recruitment pattern. It will enable them to welcome a more diverse candidate pool.
  • Increased user-friendliness: Many top ATS on demand software are easy to use and navigate. But there are still some ATSs with a complicated interface. But almost all ATS in the coming years will offer an intuitive interface to recruiters. Moreover, the software will allow recruiters to extract information from candidates’ resumes more easily. 
  • Enhanced AI automation: As we all know, AI will completely dominate the recruitment market in the coming years. You will also see this increased AI automation in the ATS system. By this, we mean that more and more recruiters will use AI to simplify complicated hiring tasks. Not only this, they will also use AI to target potential candidates through job postings.

In the end,

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