TractorGyan offers a diverse range of 30 Tractor Sprayer Implements from renowned brands like Mitra, Mahindra, and more. These Sprayer Implements can be conveniently found in the Landscaping category. In India, the range for Sprayers price is between Rs. 1 lakh* to 3 lakh*. Moreover, TractorGyan has dedicated a separate section on their website where you can explore Sprayers for sale and gain insights into their applications, features, various types, and popular models in India.

A sprayer is an extensively utilized tool for effectively spraying fertilizers, manures, pesticides, and other chemicals in agricultural fields. It is available in two types: manual, which is operated by hand, and tractor-driven, which serves as a tractor implement. This equipment ensures the even distribution of pesticides and fertilizers, thereby minimizing wastage. Additionally, it simplifies the process of applying fertilizers and pesticides, making it more convenient, time-saving, and less labor-intensive.