Anyone who’s gone scouting for preschools in Singapore knows that it’s stressful and overwhelming, but ultimately a rewarding task.

Nothing beats the feeling of finding that preschool that you know your child would like and would help them realise their full potential at a young age. The question is, how do you even start with all the options that you have?

If you’re asking the same question, worry not because we have you covered! We share some tips on how to choose the right preschool in Singapore below!

1. Determine what your child wants

As a parent, it’s you who truly knows who they are and what their interests and preferences are, so you need to take these into consideration!

How does your child like to learn and discover new information? Do you think they’d perform well in a rigorous learning environment or a relaxed one?

What about their skills and talents? Have they shown any interest in the arts or would they rather run around and play sports with other kids?

These are some of the things every parent needs to keep in mind while searching for the best preschool Singapore because each one has its own curriculum and teaching methodologies.

Just a friendly reminder that not every teaching approach works for all students, but a preschool should be able to adapt to whatever each student needs.

2. Take a tour of the preschool

It’s important to pay a visit to every prospective preschool in Singapore. That way, you’re able to observe if the overall environment and teachers would be suited for your child.

A half-hour visit to each school will allow you to pop in and out of several classrooms and watch the teachers in action. Try to observe how the teachers interact with each student!

When speaking to children, teachers should get down and engage with them at eye level to help create and maintain a connection between them. Every early childhood education teacher should know this!

If possible, try to talk to the teachers yourself. You can tell a lot about how a person likes their job through the way they talk about it.

3. Talk to the principal and teachers

The principal taking the time out of their busy schedule to meet with you gives you an idea of how accommodating the preschool can be to parents, especially when you have major concerns.

You might want to use this as a chance to clarify whatever concerns you have as the teachers might not be the right people to answer them. Asking how the school handles emergencies is a good place to start.

It’s better to have your concerns answered before enrolling than having to know on the first day of school that it isn’t the perfect choice for your child after all.

4. Dive into their curriculum

The sign of a good preschool is a balanced curriculum that addresses every need of a growing child, one that doesn’t focus on just a single aspect of development.

While it’s important to strengthen a child’s academic skills and foster the love for learning as early as now, it’s just as important to pay equal attention to their emotional and social growth.

Curriculum is the main selling point of many preschools in Singapore, so you’ll be able to determine right away what kind of curriculum a prospective school has.

5. Look for signs of community

No matter how busy you are, you’re a crucial part of your child’s academic journey as much as their teachers and classmates.

As a parent, it’d be great if there’s a supportive community of parents and teachers where anyone can talk to each other freely. Try to check if the preschool holds events or seminars that would allow parents and teachers to form a relationship.