Collaborative divorce provides a unique and more cooperative alternative to traditionally litigated divorces. This process places the solutions and agreements in the hands of the involved parties. Unlike the pro se divorce where each party represents themselves, in the collaborative divorce each party has their own attorney and both attorneys are committed to facilitating a working agreement. This provides people the comfort of knowing their legal interests are represented while also feeling secure that the ultimate decisions belong to them and not a judge.

Unlike mediation, the collaborative professionals are committed to a collaborative result and are forbidden from participating in court proceedings in the event the collaborative process is terminated or unsuccessful. However, like mediation, the collaborative process facilitates empowerment of the family members, unique solutions, and a less expensive way to divorce than litigation. The ideal outcome supports a caring, loving and supportive relationship between children and their parents. While it is typical that no party gets everything they want, in a collaborative divorce, all parties can leave feeling certain they will only sign an agreement they find acceptable.