Cycle Shop London: Explore the world of biking accessories with them

Exploring London streets on your bike is not just a regular commute but an adventure. To enhance your overall experience, the bike shops in London offer a range of biking accessories that cater to the needs of both beginners and seasoned riders. 


Regarding cycling in London, safety should be your top priority. Cycle Shop London offers a range of helmers designed to meet the needs of all types of bikers found in London, be they kids or adults. The helmets found here also meet the required safety standards. Investing in a good quality helmet protects you from the unwanted dangers of cycling in London.



Reflectors are a very important cycling accessory. It makes sure that there is enough visibility even in low-light conditions. When you equip your bike with reflectors, you ensure you are enhancing your visibility on the road. 

Smartphone mounts

When you buy a bike from a renowned cycle shop London, remember to get a smartphone mount attached to it. It will help you receive phone calls while you are on the go. Ensure you invest in a waterproof mount to protect your phone from rain. 

Bike locks

Bike locks are essential. Of course, you will want to avoid your bike being picked up by thieves, especially when you have invested your hard-earned money in it. Buy string chain locks to protect your bikes from burglars. 

Bike mirror

Professionals working at renowned cycle shops in London suggest bike mirrors are an important biking accessory. It helps you see at the back without turning your head while cycling. These mirrors help you navigate the traffic on the streets of London easily. 

Cycle2Work scheme: Exploring its benefits

If you commute on a cycle in London, the Cycle2work scheme is a game-changer for you. This scheme allows you to purchase bikes and accessories for cycle shops at discounted rates through salary sacrifice. This makes cycling to work an affordable and eco-friendly choice. 

The government wants to encourage more cycling and commuting to work by bike and has created a tax break that will give you huge savings on the cost of a bike and accessories. You can use the savings through income tax and national insurance by putting a small amount in your monthly salary.

Can anyone use the scheme?

Any UK PAYE taxpayer can join the scheme. Sadly, if you are self-employed, unemployed, or don’t pay PAYE, you won’t be able to benefit.

What will the savings be like?

The savings depend on your tax rate, but typically, it is about 42% for a higher-rate taxpayer and 32% for a basic-rate taxpayer. The major providers like Cyclescheme and Halfords have savings calculators on their websites that you can use to work out your savings.

Cycle Shop London: Hiring Cycle Made Easy

For those people who prefer to cycle in London without purchasing one, cycle hire services provided by various cycle shops here are an excellent solution. These services offer bikes for short-term use, and you can explore the city comfortably here if you are a tourist. 

Whether you are on holiday, looking to exercise or need an alternative method of commuting to work, we have the solution for you! Each rental bike has a helmet, lock and bottle cage included in the hire fee. Professional Cycle Shop London also provides optional accessories like lights, puncture repair kits, pannier bags and clipless pedals for convenience.

In conclusion, enhancing your cycling experience in London is a breeze with the right accessories from your local cycle shops in London. Lights and reflectors, the Cycle2Work scheme, and cycle hire options will make your ride smooth and enjoyable. Remember, a well-equipped cyclist is a happy cyclist, so gear up, explore the city, and make the most of your cycling adventures in London.

Happy cycling, folks!!

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