When users face the most common issue: ‘facebook account hacked and email changed 2021‘, users can try a few tricks to solve this issue.

Facebook is known for its strict rules and policies and for providing a safe platform for its users to have conversations, follow and make online friends with many people, post images and videos, and share memes, etc.

When users notice changes on their profile such as images posted not by them, conversations that took place, not by the user, changes made in the user’s Facebook profile such as date of birth or personal information settings changed from only me to the public, and so on.

There can be many ways for how my fb account is hacked and email changed.

  • It may be because someone knew the password and logged in to the account,
  • Users had a weak password and guessed by the hacker
  • Hackers used third-party apps to get into the user’s account, etc.

Ways for fb account hacked how to recover

Way 1: Users must Change their Facebook Password

> When users are aware of their old Facebook password.

The steps are given below:

Step 1: Users need to go to the “Settings and Privacy” option from the Facebook settings and,

Step 2: Then users need to select the “Password and Security” option.

Step 3: And then choose the “Change Password” category and it would be applicable if users are aware of their previous password or less they have to try another method to change or reset the password.

> In case users are not aware of their old Facebook password:

The steps are given below:

Step 1: Users need to go to their Facebook login page on the web browser or app 

Step 2: Enter the user ID and click on Forgot password option, 

Step 3: Users can answer the security question and choose between the email address or mobile number, and which method to receive the recovery code.

# Note: If users face the issue of a facebook account hacked and email changed 2021, users can receive a facebook password recovery code on the phone number and can create a new password for the account.

Way 2: Contact Facebook Help Center

The moment when the user realizes that his/her account has been hacked, users must first change the password and go to the 

Facebook customer care help center and file a complaint about the account being hacked, at the online platform and can create a temporary facebook account until facebook deals with the issue.

If the issue is severe, facebook can also delete the user’s account permanently and the user would have to create a new account.

Way 3: Make changes in the Facebook login settings

Users can check from facebook settings, on which locations and devices their account has been logged in.

Therefore, from the  “Password and Security” page, users can log out of the devices from the facebook account that doesn’t seem to be operated by the user and change the password.