In today’s world the number of job positions have multiplied tremendously. From the times when jobs were limited to being a doctor, engineer, teacher/professor, accountant, or a journalist to now where there is a job title for multiple fields of experience. Like in the case, of the field of data science , which has quite recently emerged as a competitive field and is growing in demand throughout the world. The data science field has opened up multiple new job opportunities and job titles for people to work in. One such job position is the position of a ‘Machine Learning Engineer’ .


In this article we dive into understanding the role of a Machine Learning Engineer. From who is a machine learning engineer to understanding the responsibilities, skills and work that comes with the position of a Machine Learning Engineer.


Who is a Machine Learning Engineer ?


Who is a Machine Learning Engineer ?


A Machine Learning Engineer, is not any individual but is an expert in the language of machine learning algorithms and machine learning techniques. .


As a Machine Learning Engineer one is required to perform multiple tasks from data processing, analysis and model training to deployment of the models and then further work on the model’s continuous improvement and keep constant checks.


Machine Learning engineers are present and widely wanted in various industries including that of healthcare, finance, e-commerce and more. Therefore, machine learning engineers are important in advancing technology and creating intelligent technology models.


A Machine Learning Engineer’s core responsibilities ?


Data Preparing and Data Exploration


The primary role of a Machine Learning engineer is to know how to collect, clean and prepare raw and unprepared data. This responsibility process includes an individual being able to understand and breakdown the complex nature of the data sets made available to them, being competent enough to fix any gaps in the information and to be able to convert raw data into forms that can be used to create machine learning models.


Training and Selection of Models


In the job of a machine learning engineer, it is important that you know how to choose te right machine learning model that works for the purpose. To select the right model, machine learning engineers are expected to look into multiple other algorithms and figure out how fast they run, how accurate they are and if they can scale the chosen model up or down as needed according to the requirements.


Through processes, once they have found the perfect model, they are expected to train the model with data and make accurate adjustments to make it work better.


Feature Engineering


Machine Learning engineers are expected to know and figure out which features are important and which ones are not important when it comes to preparing a model. Here, comes the role of ‘feature engineering’: feature engineering is simply the process of choosing and changing the variables in order to improve the performance of any model created.


Tuning the Model and Evaluation


The job of a Machine Learning Engineer does not end once the model is created but continues even after the creation of a model. This is because after creation the models must be tested to figure out their efficiency. In order to check on the model’s performance, machine learning engineers use metrics like that of “recall”, “precision”, and “F1” to assess the performance of models. Plus, they also help tune the model’s parameters to achieve the required balance for the smooth functioning of the model.


Model Integration and Deployment


A machine learning engineer should be able to install and distribute the machine learning models created by them into the real-world and work on their applications. And for this, machine learning engineers have to be ready to work with software developers who will help place the machine learning models into the present systems and make sure they function smoothly without any problems.


What skills are needed to become a Machine Learning Engineer ?


A machine learning engineer is not a easy job to fill, to become a successful machine learning engineer you will need to have some skills to start off with;


One will need to have an understanding of programming , as individuals will be expected to create and use machine learning algorithms in languages like Python or R.


A machine learning engineer is also expected to know how to use linear algebra, probability and calculus to understand machine learning models.


Apart from the technical skills, an individual looking to becoming a machine learning engineer will need to know how to handle data from its collection to processing. Therefore, an understanding of the processes of data science is also of importance to become a machine learning engineer.  It helps to be familiar with machine learning libraries such as, ‘TensorFlow and scikit-learn’ .


Moreover, companies look for individuals who have not only the technical and programming knowledge but individuals who are,

  • capable of working with the team,
  • have strong communication,
  • strong critical thinking,
  • problem-solving skills,
  • adaptable to situations.


Why become a Machine Learning Engineer ?


If you’re wondering why should I become a machine learning engineer ? What are the benefits of becoming one ?


  • Receive Competitive Salaries as this position is a much wanted role in the job market today.
  • Be able to solve complex problems in your own creative ways which will help you grow in your job.
  • The presence of so many job openings all around the world, making it a good choice of employment if you relocate often.
  • An opportunity to work closely in multiple industries and the field of your expertise and choosing from healthcare to marketing and more.
  • You will be learning continuously and upskilling your existing skills constantly though the role of a machine learning engineer.


In Conclusion,


Therefore, if you are considering the position of a machine learning engineer, it is a mighty good choice as you will be part of a demanding role and work environment that is growing in demand. Machine learning engineers are important personnel as they are the creators of the intelligent systems that shape the coming future in multiple industries and help in the development of the nation through technology. And, as the machine learning field advances, machine learning engineers will be at the front of the new and upcome era of a completely smart and creative technological environment.


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