QuickBooks is the best software you can use for accounting in small businesses or organizations. However, you can sometimes face problems accessing the financial data due to QuickBooks not responding when opening company file. If you get troubled by this issue on your QB, this blog will help you understand the causes of the issue and techniques you must use to counter it.

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Primary causes of QuickBooks not loading company file

You might sometimes experience an abnormal behaviour of QB when opening a data file. The primary reasons for QB becoming unresponsive while opening a company file are mentioned below-

  • The company file fails to run in the software due to damage caused by data corruption on your system’s HDD.
  • QuickBooks freezes when it fails to access the data file due to Windows Firewall restrictions or insufficient folder permissions.
  • QuickBooks isn’t updated to the latest release, causing problems due to incompatibility while running on Windows.

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Perfect solutions to fix the QuickBooks has stopped responding issue

You might face problems accessing the financial data in your company file if the software freezes or stops responding to your commands. The easy methods to remove this error are explained in detail below-

Solution 1- Open the company file again after repairing it with the File Doctor tool

QuickBooks can face problems accessing the company file in case it gets damaged or turns into an unsupported format. The software might stop responding to the commands you give and suddenly freeze when you run a damaged company file. QuickBooks might also become unresponsive if you use an old company file after upgrading your QB version. The issues can be sorted using the File Doctor tool to fix the data file and rerun it on your QuickBooks. Refer to these steps-

  1. Download the latest QB Tool hub version from the Downloads & Updates page of the official QuickBooks website.
  2. Wait until the tool hub file is completely downloaded on your system and open it.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the tool hub on your computer.
  4. Launch the tool hub application after it is completely installed and click the Company file issues menu.
  5. Click the Run QuickBooks File Doctor tool option and tap Browse to enter the location of your data file.
  6. The tool automatically starts after you enter your QB admin account credentials.

If QuickBooks fails to run the file after it is repaired, move to the next solution.

Solution 2- Sign in with your admin account in Windows to access the data file without problems

Your QB can also stop responding if it fails to access the company file due to non-admin permissions. You must sign in with an admin account to let QB bypass all the restrictions it faces while opening a company file. Use these steps-

  1. Click the Windows Start option and select your username.
  2. Tap the Sign Out option and select your admin account on the login screen.
  3. Sign in with the admin account and try running the company file again.


This blog tells us the reasons for QuickBooks not responding when opening company file from a local drive. The methods you must use to remove the issue are also discussed in the blog, and we hope you apply them to prevent problems while running a data file in the future.

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