In India, an Eicher tractor can be purchased for between Rs. 3.20 and Rs. 8.50 lakhs. More than 29 tractor models with power outputs ranging from 18 to 60 horsepower are produced in India by Eicher Tractor.


Popular models of Eicher tractors include the Eicher 380 Super DI, Eicher 242, Eicher 5660, and Eicher 368, among others. There are two mini tractor models available: the Eicher 188 and 241. The Eicher 280 Plus 4WD, the Eicher 333 Super Plus Prima G3, the Eicher 380 Super Power Prima G3, and numerous other models are among the company’s most recent tractor releases.

These Eicher tractor models come in a variety of engine categories and configurations. The Eicher tractor lineup includes mini-tractors, utility tractors, and fully organised tractors.