Used for the packaging of fragile, weak and delicate items, bubble wrap roll is the saviour. When there comes the question of the transportation of such luxurious yet fragile items most of the times these tiny air-filled bags are taken into consideration. These bubble wraps are made of transparent plastics filled with air and act as shock absorbers when in transportation. These bubble wraps are used for shipping of electronic items usually. The items are wrapped around and placed inside the removal boxes which is then transported safely to the destination. At times when the item is not too big but still has a probability of being damaged, then such items are wrapped either in a bubble wrap or even in kraft paper roll which is then placed either in cardboard boxes or postal bags. This helps in sage and easy transportation.

The bubble wraps come in various sizes such as large bubble wrap, small bubble wrap, anti-static and also green bubble wrap roll. These all have different uses such as the large ones are used for the transportation of large items such as furniture, the small ones for electronics and other such fragile items, the anti- static ones for laptops, computers, cell phones, etc and, the last one the green ones are eco- friendly in nature as they are recycled polystyrene and are a sustainable choice which the suppliers are shifting towards.

The bubble wraps are the safest option when in doubt. Their shock absorption property helps in keeping the item safe and secure while at the same time the water proof property of the material helps in keeping it safe from unwanted water damages too. Quite a number of times the outer covering or the boxes get damaged while in transit due to rough handling but the item placed inside remains safe even after such treatment. All thanks to these tiny little bubbles of air.

For more information regarding the bubble wraps and its uses please refer to the infographic attached.