The Farmtrac 45 Smart comes with a PTO HP (Power Take-Off Horsepower) of 43 HP and operates at 2000 RPM, indicating its robust power. While the exact engine size isn’t disclosed, it’s undoubtedly a potent tractor. With its 8 Forward gears and 2 Reverse gears, it provides versatility, which makes it a favored choice among farmers. The Farmtrac 45 price is Rs. 7.50-7.80 Lacs*. What sets this tractor apart is its unique look. It departs from the typical tractor design and turns heads wherever it’s seen. But it’s not just about looks; this tractor is engineered to deliver outstanding performance on all sorts of terrain. Its fuel-efficient engine ensures cost-effective operation, which is a great benefit for farmers. Moreover, its versatility allows it to handle various farming tasks with ease, such as plowing and tilling, among others. In summary, the Farmtrac 45 Smart combines style and substance, offering both a striking appearance and high performance for farmers.