Divorce can have a lasting impact on your life and everyone in your family. If you’re an Indian and are searching for the best Indian family lawyer near me, look no further than Jos Family Law.


At Jos Family Law, we have decades of combined experience in helping individuals and families throughout Orange County. Our personalized approach to each case involves protecting our client’s interests at each stage of the process. Whether you’re facing child custody hearings, child or spousal support issues, or division of assets, we aim to restore the sense of normalcy in your life.


Our certified Family Law Specialists are recognized by the California Board of Legal Specialization. We draw upon our understanding and experience to understand the complex conflicts in divorce. We then leverage our knowledge of Indian family laws to try and achieve the most favorable outcome for our clients.


Practice Areas

We understand that each family law case is different, especially those that involve specific regulations like Indian family laws. Our family law attorneys hail from Indian origin and understand Indian family laws. We get to know your situation and use our knowledge and experience to devise a tailored strategy specific to your case.


Our family law services include:


●    Divorce

●    Legal Separation

●    Mediation

●    Child Custody & Support

●    Alimony

●    Asset Division

●    Domestic Violence

●    Grandparent’s Rights

●    Modification of Orders

●    Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements


If you’re concerned about an Indian family law issue in Orange County, Jos Family Law may be able to help. Call 714-733-7066 or send an email to [email protected] to schedule a free consultation with the best Indian family lawyers near me.


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