Every doctor and medical practitioner wants to provide the best care to your patients. It may seem simple, but there are many factors involved in achieving this goal. Whether it’s time to set up your office, or if you’re looking to renovate the space, an important issue to consider is the choice of furniture. And when we think about medical furniture, the first piece of furniture that comes to mind is to buy medical stretchers.

There are several stretcher models available on the market, from the simplest to the most complex, using different materials, with different adjustments, and adapting to different types of use. Therefore, to choose the best stretcher for your medical office, observe some characteristics:

  • Type and uses

Depending on the doctor’s specialty, the stretcher can have different uses, both in terms of frequency of use and the type of physical examination performed on it. Stretchers must be selected according to their intended use. It can be mobile or fixed, have a backrest, a height adjustment, or other adjustments, be more compact or more robust, and have only a space to place the patient, or have drawers, doors, or other spaces that allow the patient to store items and materials.

  • Material and durability

Stretchers can have a metal or wooden structure, in most cases, with the most diverse types of design. The important thing is to check exactly which material is used, how much weight it supports, and whether it has good durability, as well as whether it offers easy maintenance if necessary.

  • Comfort

For the stretcher to be comfortable, 3 main characteristics must be observed: the mattress used, the ergonomic suitability of the furniture, and the dimensions. Remember that everyone must be able to use the stretcher without any problems, be able to get on, adjust their position easily, and move around.

  • Suitability for space

The size of the stretcher is important not only for patient comfort but also for suitability in the space. Pay attention to the dimensions and measure the space available to place the stretcher.

  • Brand and warranty

Before buying, look at the brand of the stretcher, whether it is made by a company specializing in furniture for the medical field, and whether it is recognized. Also, pay attention to whether the furniture complies with applicable safety standards.


Excellence in medical care comes from concern for every detail, from the structure of the office, and the technologies used, to the relationship established with patients. The appearance of the office and the quality of the furniture, equipment, and Magic needle cannulas are decisive in the impression made on patients and their experience. Pay attention to all the factors mentioned above and make the best choice of stretcher for your office.

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