Laser hair removal is one of the most effective ways to get rid of unwanted hair from your body and face permanently.

Having been cleared by the FDA, this effective hair reduction method has become the top choice for those looking for silky smooth and hair-free skin. At Clinic Cosmo Lipalane, we offer permanent and safe laser hair removal in Gurgaon.

A specialized beam of laser light is focused on the pigment in the hair, which is absorbed by melanin. Once absorbed, this light energy is converted into heat energy, causing damage to the hair follicles that produce hair. This damage inhibits and delays the growth of future hair permanently.  

What Areas Can Be Targeted?

As the leading laser hair removal specialists in Gurgaon, we can effectively treat the following areas: 

●    Face

●    Back

●    Chest

●    Neck

●    Underarms

●    Legs

●    Abdomen

●    Bikini Line

●    Full Body 

Once our laser technicians understand your skin and hair type, you’ll have to undergo 6-8 sessions, spaced 4-6 weeks apart to get the desired results. We may also recommend maintenance treatments, depending on the coarseness of your hair and the area to be treated.  

At Clinic Cosmo Lipalane, we have the best inline machines for laser hair removal and the experience of hundreds of satisfied patients over the years. We offer full-body laser hair removal in Gurgaon for men and women. 

Call +918219390376 or send an email to [email protected] to schedule a consultation and go hair-free today. 

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