Minoxidil can also irritate your scalp and cause dryness, scaling, itching and/or redness.

See your dermatologist if this happens.

With Minoxidil you might also see hair growing in different places aside from your scalp (cheeks and brow, as an example).

Wash your face after you practice Minoxidil and ensure you keep away from other areas when you observe it.

How can hair loss in girls be averted?
Preventing hair loss isn’t always possible when it’s miles due to disease, getting old, heredity or physical stressors like accidents.

You can save you hair loss as a result of caustic chemicals or tight hairstyles through fending off them.

You might be able to prevent a few hair loss by means of eating a healthful diet that gives essential nutrients in phrases of nutrients, minerals and protein & Hair Transplant in Islamabad Pakistan . You can stop smoking.

What is the analysis/outlook for girls with hair loss?
Your prognosis determines the diagnosis:

Anagen and telogen dropping may additionally forestall with time.
Treat any diseases related to hair loss.

Disguise or cowl your hair loss using a wig or hat.
Early remedy of alopecia can also reduce the velocity of thinning and can promote regrowth.

While hair loss isn’t always itself dangerous, women with hair loss tend to be very disenchanted by way of the changes to their appearance.

These negative emotions can affect vanity and social lives. Recent studies advocate that FPHL can be associated with situations that encompass metabolic syndrome, endocrine problems and diabetes.