Are you having ample MBOX files which you need to safeguard from thefts on Mac? Thus, looking to convert MBOX to PDF because PDF is a safe and reliable saving option? Wondering how do I copy emails from MBOX file to PDF on Mac? Not to worry, read the article carefully and you will discover a technique that will directly copy emails from MBOX file to PDF on Mac with attachments without data loss.

Emails are an essential source of medium for digital communication these days. Earlier, there were limited email platforms because at that time nobody was interested using them. But today, they are helping many individuals and organizations, allowing them to organize their plentiful data in an easy and appropriate way, making their work easier and helping in saving their time and energy. Moreover, they can connect, and collaborate with others effectively without requiring physical travelling.

Why Copying Emails from MBOX File to PDF on Mac is a Better Option?

There are different sets of email applications available for Mac & Windows. Because they both are different operating systems on which applications are built differently. So, many Mac users on Mac configure Apple Mail on their system as it is a default pre-installed email program of Mac which is designed by Mac itself. However, it has a limited storage space and thus many users time to time archive emails from Apple Mail email account which will save in .mbox format. It acts as a container as it has the ability to store the list of user’s email messages and attachments.

At times, users want to copy emails from MBOX file to PDF on Mac, because it is a plain-text file format which is viewable using any text-editor. That is why; keeping MBOX files openly on the system is not safe. This can lead to data theft. Even, sometimes due to system error; users can face loss of data which cannot be recovered easily. That is why copying MBOX file into a secure file type can prevent you from misshapen.

Why PDF is a Beneficial Format to Copy MBOX Emails?

PDF is a Portable Document Format, a renowned file type that many professionals make use of to send their data from one location to another. It is a platform-independent file format because it does not require any additional software installation to copy emails from MBOX file into PDF format. It also allow users to manage large database with ease as it has the ability to easily compress large-size MBOX file into a small without damaging the data originality and layout. Some of its common benefits are discussed below –

  • Free to use and easily accessible on any platform at any time on any device.
  • Easy to create, view, and read without requiring additional software.
  • Integrate with various content types such as images, videos, animation, 3D models, etc.
  • Secure the content by allowing applying a password, digital signature, or watermark.
  • PDF file size is smaller as compared to other format that takes less space and bandwidth.
  • Prove beneficial for sharing and collaborating.
  • Capable to compress large files without affecting the image quality.

Overall, PDF is a great option when it comes to protecting the crucial database.

How do I Copy Emails from MBOX File to PDF on Mac?

Copying emails from MBOX file to PDF on Mac is easier now using MacMister MBOX to PDF Converter Mac. An effective and powerful tool which has a simple GUI that is manageable by any user effortlessly. The tool has a three-step procedure that will take less time of users, helping them to finish the process successfully.

Moreover, the application includes multiple advanced features that can be applied to gain the desired results in a short amount of time. However, users can utilize free demo of the app and check the working steps of the application for free.

Working Steps to Copy Emails from MBOX File to PDF on Mac

Step 1. Download and run MacMister MBOX to PDF Mac Converter on Mac OS.


Step 2. Load necessary MBOX files on the application pane by utilizing Add File(s)/Add Folder buttons. The Add File(S) help you to add MBOX files that are less in count whereas clicking Add Folder allows to add a folder entire with lots of MBOX files on the system and then press Next.


Step 3. The application will list those files and make them appear with checkboxes. The checkboxes will be selected by default but you can deselect them and select them again according to the requirements and copy selected MBOX emails to PDF on Mac. Click Next.


Step 4. Set PDF options according to your specific preferences such as Save PDF file, black and white colour, save attachments into separate folder, embed attachments into PDF, file naming options, and more. Then, click Next.


Step 5. Now, apply Filters if you want to copy emails from MBOX file according to particular date range, subject, month, email address etc. Last, click export.


Step 6. The process will take place and a Live Conversion Window will appear that displays the details of ongoing progress.


The task will finish with a pop-up “Conversion Completed” confirming that the process is completed successfully. Press OK button and go to PDF files location. You can choose the required PDF file to read and verify the output. However, you will see that the content is precise and accurate.


In the write-up we have focused on how to copy emails from MBOX file to PDF on Mac with attachments. MacMister MBOX to PDF Mac Tool is a brilliant solution when it comes to saving unlimited MBOX emails to PDF with attachments at once. The processing of the app will be fast and guarantees instant results with 100% accuracy. Download the trial edition of the app and copy 25 MBOX emails into PDF free of cost.