Do you want to know the process of exporting emails from Opera Mail to PST? If so, your search ends here. Because in this tutorial we get to know about a user downloading emails from Opera Mail to PST. So, read this guide to get more information.

Opera Mail is a very powerful and useful email client that is part of Opera Internet Suite. It supports new clients and email clients and allows users to unify and integrate Opera browsers. As a combo app, it has a long list of features including POP3 and IMAP account management, contact management, spam filtering, and many more.

But there is no need to say that Outlook has a part of the Microsoft Office suite that proves very powerful among users. It offers various business tools that increase the work productivity and efficiency of an organization. The amazing thing about Outlook is that it includes a complete Microsoft Office package including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and other productivity tools.

Why Should Users Want to Download Emails from Opera Mail to PST?

  • Although the Opera Mail client is a lightweight application with an interactive user interface, it hangs during the synchronization process compared to other email client programs.
  • It cannot be set as the default email client in all versions of Windows 10.
  • MS Outlook offers additional features to facilitate communication and includes internalization of email addresses, direct connectivity with the Exchange server to provide extensive search, and varied themes with dark themes for all users.

How to Export Emails from Opera Mail to PST?

As Outlook is not compatible with the MBOX extension supported by Opera Mail. So, you can opt for MacUncle Email Backup Wizard, which is one of the perfect choices and is specially developed to export emails from multiple email apps.

  • Download the wizard to your Windows computer and then launch it.
  • Choose Opera Mail from the list of mail sources.
  • After that, enter Opera Mail login details.
  • Next, select the mailbox data you want to download.
  • Next, choose the file format from the same selection list.
  • Finally, set the output location then hit Export to get the result quickly.

Other Prominent Features of Using Alternative Techniques

  • You can export emails from 70+ email apps to EML, MBOX, PST, PDF, HTML, and many more.
  • This wizard is very simple to perform for any type of domestic and professional user without having advanced technical knowledge.
  • You can also export selective mailbox data using a filter feature and also avoid unnecessary data.
  • It keeps the mailbox component as before the process and does not affect the original data.
  • There is no need to download another app to complete the process.

Time to Wrap Up

In this tutorial, we have discussed the easiest and most effective process to download emails from Opera Mail to PST. We have also shared the basic introduction and reason behind this query. Moreover, we have discussed the most user-friendly and easy way to export emails from Opera Mail to PST without any failure.