The value of a well-done feasibility study cannot be overemphasised in today’s dynamic corporate environment, where product creation and innovation rule supreme. Before devoting significant resources, this crucial stage acts as a litmus test for your product idea, guiding you through the perilous seas of ambiguity. Although performing a feasibility study is a generally accepted idea, a successful enterprise is distinguished by its ability to successfully attract suitable people. This article delves into how to recruit participants for a better feasibility study of a product, illuminating special techniques that may take your feasibility research to new levels of accuracy and dependability. Follow along as we reveal creative strategies for putting together the optimal team of people who will help your product concept succeed.

Utilize current networks:

Using your current networks is one of the simplest methods to get volunteers for your feasibility study. This includes coworkers, acquaintances, and relatives who could meet the profile of your target audience. They may provide insightful criticism and information. Their involvement may also aid in the improvement of your study’s methodology and questionnaire.

Online questionnaires and surveys:

To reach a larger audience, make use of online survey platforms and questionnaires. Online groups, email lists, and social media sites may all be effective distribution strategies for your survey. To promote participation, make sure your questionnaire is clear, succinct, and interesting. To increase response rates, take into account providing incentives like gift cards or discounts.

Attend Useful Conferences and Events:

Attending events and conferences with a focus on your sector may be a goldmine for finding participants. Attendees often have a passion for their professions and might provide insightful criticism. To interact with prospective volunteers and tell them about your feasibility study, set up a stand or hold a session.

Work together with industry leaders:

You may reach a wider and more specific audience by working with thought leaders or influential people in your business. Influencers may advertise your feasibility study on their blogs, podcasts, and social media pages to attract participants who are truly interested in the market for your product.

Establish a landing page:

Create a landing page just for your feasibility study. The study’s goals, objectives, and advantages of participation should all be covered on this page. Include a simple registration form to gather participant information. To attract prospective applicants, promote the landing page through numerous web platforms.

Participate in User Communities:

Online discussion boards, social media communities, and community platforms are great locations to locate people who are enthusiastic about certain subjects or goods. Join relevant communities and interact with the participants. To enhance participation rates, make sure your research resonates with the interests of the community while recruiting participants.

Contact Regional Organizations:

Consider contacting neighbourhood groups, associations, or organizations with a focus on the sector that your product serves. They could be ready to work with you or assist with participant recruitment. Local engagement might also provide participants with a more practical choice for taking part in your research.

Provide Explicit Incentives: Participant attraction is significantly aided by incentives. Be open and honest about the rewards you provide, whether they include money, first access to the product, or other benefits. Make it clear what participants will get in return for their time and ideas.

Utilize specialized recruitment services: Consider hiring an expert feasibility study consultant if your budget permits. These businesses specialize in locating appropriate subjects for different kinds of research. They have access to huge databases and can ensure you hire people who closely resemble your target market.

Give Users a Pleasant Experience:

Make the hiring procedure as simple as you can. Make sure that participants can access the research materials without any technological difficulties and that the registration forms are simple to complete. A smooth experience will boost engagement and reduce drop-offs.


For a feasibility study of your product to be effective, you must choose the correct participants. You can make sure that your research produces insightful findings that will direct your product development journey by identifying your target audience, implementing a variety of recruiting tactics, and maintaining excellent communication. Always keep in mind that the caliber of your participants will have a direct influence on the caliber of your feasibility study, so take the time and effort to choose the top prospects.