It is difficult for employers to ensure the regularity and punctuality of employees in the workplace. Different attendance issues are witnessed within an organization by different employees that can have an impact on the organization’s morale and productivity. However, the issues related to employee attendance can be well-managed with the help of implementing technology in the form of an employee attendance app. This blog will help in understanding different ways of handling attendance issues with the different types of employees within an organization. 

How can you manage different employee attendance issues with different kinds of employees?

Managing Attendance Concerns of Remotely Working Employees

At present, the practice of remote working is being followed widely. Tracking employee attendance is a difficult task for remotely working employees. However, the use of employee attendance apps can be relied on to serve the purpose. It provides the opportunity for remote workers to be able to mark their attendance and log in from any location. The process is useful in tracking the employee’s attendance as well as simplifies the process for the employees to log in. You as an employer can also avail the option of asking the employees to provide their selfie attendance to avoid proxies on their absenteeism. 

Handling Attendance Issues of Employees Assigned to work in Fields

Employees who work in fields like service technicians or salespersons have a tight working schedule. By implementing an employee attendance app an employer can allow them to mark their presence at work with the help of their mobile devices. They can also avail of the facility of geofencing or geotagging to ensure that they are present at the locations in which they are assigned. The issue faced by these workers is to sign in on time even due to network issues in the area in which they are assigned to work. However, the employee attendance app provides facilities for marking their attendance offline the data of which gets automatically synced as they get back online.

Managing Issues of Attendance associated with Part-Time Working Employees

The employees working part-time do not have any particular schedule of working which can be difficult to track by you as an employer. You can integrate the employee attendance app. You can avail the option of these employees to input their working hours that they can send you to review and you can approve accordingly. This can help in ensuring transparency in the attendance and working hours of the part-time workers and they can receive their compensation based on that.

Handling Attendance Issues of Employees working in Shifts

On using the employee attendance app you are allowed to customize your shift schedules on which the employees can mark their checking in and out timings with ease based on their assigned shift schedule. This can also help in keeping the employees updated on their shift schedule minimizing their chances of logging in late.

Attendance Management of Project-Based Employees

The working loads and schedules of employees working on different projects may fluctuate and vary. Thus it becomes difficult for the employees to mark their attendance manually while their work loads are high. You can align or configure the employee attendance app with the schedule of the projects by allowing the employees associated with it to mark their presence in the hours required accordingly. This can help you ensure that the employees meet the timeline of the project assigned to them and are also compensated fairly.

Managing Employees Leave

You can make use of the employee attendance app to efficiently manage the leave application process of the employees. This feature can help the employees to easily drop their request for leave required by them. It can also allow the reporting person to monitor the leave request sent by their team members, validate the reason, and then decide on its approval. This saves the time of both the employees and employers by avoiding the paperwork that would be required in the process. 


The management of issues with employee attendance can be hectic, however, the adoption of employee attendance apps can help simplify the process. These apps are designed such that they can cater to the requirements and resolve different kinds of employee attendance issues present within the organization.