The victims of the Holocaust are the people who were targeted and killed by the Nazi Germany government officials based on their religion, political beliefs, ethnicity and sexual orientation. This institutionalized practice that was carried by the Nazis of persecuting people resulted in an act called Holocaust, which legalized the social discrimination of some specific groups, euthanasia, involuntary hospitalization and the forced sterilization of those people who were considered to be mentally and physically unfit to live and for the society. 

The majority of the victims targeted by the Nazi regime were Jews, Slaves, Sinti-Roma peoples, social outsiders like homosexuals and the political enemies. This persecution of the Nazi’s resulted in World War II, which included more methods of torturing and killing. But the primary goal of Nazi’s for some specified groups like Jews was major genocide.

So if we brief on what exactly holocaust was and how many people died in the holocaust, then it was basically the ‘bureaucratic, systematic, and state sponsored persecution and killing of almost 6 million Jewish men, children and women by the regime of Nazi and their collaborators. A lot of other groups of people in addition to this were killed by the Nazi’s, details of which you will find out in detail in the article below.

As you scroll down, you will find out complete details about the Holocaust, such as how many people actually died in it, what is the number according to the location of deaths and much more. So just continue to read below to check out all the info.

How many people died in the holocaust?

Calculating and finding out the number of people that were killed in order to follow the policies of the Nazi’s is quite a difficult task. This is majorly because there is no one document of the wartime which was created by the officials of the Nazi that tells out exactly how many people were killed in World War II or the Holocaust.

And so to estimate a figure of the losses that happened at that time, the agencies of government have relied on various documents, such as archives of Axis and German, postwar investigation reports and census reposts to compile the overall statistics.  But of course as more documents will come to light and scholars will study it to come to a more precise understanding of the Holocaust or World War II, the estimates of the losses and deaths that happened might change.

So what follows are the current and the best estimates of how many people died in the holocaust and the civilians and the soldiers that were killed by the regime of Nazi and its collaborators. And these estimates are best calculated from the reports of the wartime which were generated by those who implemented the policies of the Nazi population, and then the postwar study on the demographic and population loss which happened during the Holocaust. And thus on compiling the best sources, we have provided below the details with an estimated number of deaths. So read further and check out.

Number of deaths during the Holocaust

There were a lot of groups who got killed in the Holocaust, and so the details of how many people died in the holocaust are as follows-

  1. Soviet Civilians- Almost 7 Million people, which includes 1.3 Soviet Jewish Civilians and who are also included in the figure of Jews of 6 Million
  2. Jews- Around 6 Million
  3. Non-Jewish Polish Civilians- Almost 1.8 Million , which includes the number between 50000 to 100000 of the members of the Polish elites.
  1. Soviet Prisoners of the war- 
  2. People who have disabilities and were living in the institutions- Near about 250000
  3. The serb civilians, basically on the territory of the Bosnia, Croatia and Herzegovina- Almost 312000
  4. Roma or Gypsies- Minimum of 250000, and could possibly be as high as 500000.
  5. Witnesses of Jehovah’s- Almost 1900
  6. Opponents of the German politics and the resistance activists in the territory occupied by the Axis- These are undetermined
  7. Homopsexuals- Hundreds or possibly thousands (also counted under the 70000 repeated criminal offenders and the so-called asocials).
  8. Repeated criminal offenders and the so-called asocials- Near about 70000

The loss of Jewish by the location of the Death

Now, the answer to how many people died in the holocaust or the number of Jews that died in it, in respect to the location of the death is provided below, as follows-

  1. Treblinka 2- Around 925000
  2. Belzec- Near about 434508
  3. Auschwitz complex, which includes Monowitz, Subcamps and Birkenau as well- 1 Million approximately
  4. Chelmno- Minimum of 167000
  5. Sobibor- Minimum of 167000
  6. Deaths in ghettos- 800000 at least
  7. Tortured or shot to death under the Ustasha regime in Croatia- Between 23000 to 25000
  8. Gas wagons and shooting operations in Serbia- Minimum of 15088
  9. Gas wagons and operations of shooting in the soviet union occupied by Germans at hundreds of locations- 1.3 million at least
  10. Operations of shooting in the soviet union, ie. Australian, German and Czech Jews that were deported to the soviet union- Near about 55000
  11. Shooting operations carried out at different locations in the Southern and Central area of Poland that is occupied by Germans (the Government General)- 200000 approximately
  12. Operations of shotong in the Wartheland district which is the western Poland annexed by the Germans- 20000 at least
  13. Deaths happened in the other facilities which are designated as the concentration camps by the Germans- Minimum of 150000
  14. Others (includes those who were killed in the shooting operations between 1939 to 1940 in Poland)- 500000 at least


Counting and estimating the victims of the Holocaust is very vital to understand the extent of the crimes and killings that were caused by the regime of Nazi. And thus, this is complete and the best available information on how many people died in the Holocaust and the death number in respect of the different locations of death. So just read out the whole article and who will get a good idea on the Holocaust and the number of killings that happened in it!